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Adam Hoffer

Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Political Economy, Sports Economics, Behavioral Economics

Current courses at UWL

FYS 100 - First Year Seminar: Wealth, Happiness, and Foundations of the Modern Economy


Ph.D. Economics - 2012, West Virginia University
B.A. Economics - 2008, Washington & Jefferson College


Teaching history

ECO 110 - Microeconomics and Public Policy
ECO 320 - Sports Economics
ECO 321 - Modern Political Economy

Research and publishing


Editor and Author, “For Your Own Good: Paternalism, Taxes, and Fiscal Discrimination in the Twenty-First Century,” (with Todd Nesbit). Mercatus Center at George Mason University. January, 2018.

 Chapter Author, “When it Comes to Taxes in Tennessee: Focus on Competitive Advantage,” (with Joshua Hall) in Freedom and Prosperity in Tennessee, J.R. Clark, editor. Chattanooga: Scott L. Probasco Chair of Free Enterprise, 69-86. 2012.



“State Cigarette Taxes and Health Expenditures: Evidence from Dynamic Spatial Lag Panel Models.” (with Brad Humphreys and Jane Ruseki). Papers in Regional Science. In press.

“Preference Policies: Perpetual Costs of Distributive Politics.” (with Russell Sobel). Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice. In press.

“Small-Business Financing after the Financial Crisis - Lessons from the Literature.” (with David Wille and Stephen Miller). Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. In press.

“Teaching Corporate Finance using a Stock Trading Simulation: Student Expectations, Engagement, Performance, and Satisfaction.” (with Serkan Karadas). Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 2017, 16(2): 69-84.

“Income-Expenditure Elasticities of Less Healthy Consumption Goods.” (with Michael Thomas, Rejeana Gvillo, and William Shughart II). Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, 2017, 6(1): 127-148.

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“Excise Tax Setting in a Dynamic Space-Time Framework.” (with Donald Lacombe), Public Finance Review, 2016, 45(5): 628 - 646

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“Are Voters Rational on the Margin?: A Spatial Analysis of Voter Turnout in U.S. Presidential Elections.” Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice. 2014 32(1): 45-57.

"Special Interest Spillover and Tobacco Taxation.” Contemporary Economic Policy. 34(1): 146-157. 2016.

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“Fixing Fallacies.” Journal of Private Enterprise. 29(2):141-147. 2014.

“Sin Taxes and Sindustry: Revenue, Paternalism and Political Interest.” (with William Shughart II, and Michael Thomas). The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy. 19(1): 47-64. 2014.

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