Adele Lozano

Assistant Professor
Student Affairs Administration
Office hours

Specialty area(s)

Student Development; Student Retention; Underrepresented Students; Latina/o Student Success

Brief biography

Adele Lozano is a third-generation Iowan whose grandparents immigrated to Iowa from Mexico in the early 1900s. Her experience as a Latina first-generation college student at a large public university shaped her interest in student development, particularly racial/ethnic development, as well as her commitment to promoting the success of underrepresented students. Adele has over 15 years of experience as a Student Affairs practitioner at public universities in Iowa and Illinois. Her research and programming interests include: the experience of underrepresented students at historically White institutions, Latina/o student leadership, and ethnic cultural centers at HWIs.

Current courses at UWL

SAA810 Philosophical & Theoretical Foundations of Leadership in Higher Education

SAA 702-001 Student Development Theory (on-campus)

SAA 702-431 Student Development Theory (blended)

SAA781 - Internship

Teaching history

I have taught in the UWL SAA program since January 2015. Previously, I served as an adjunct instructor at Grandview University in Des Moines, Iowa where I taught a Global Awareness course for adult learners. At Iowa State University I taught first-year learning community seminars focusing on academic success, leadership, and identity development.

Professional history

2016: SAA Assistant Professor at UW La Crosse

2015: SAA Lecturer at UW La Crosse

2010-2014: Coordinator for Retention, OMSA - Iowa State University

2006-2010: Asst. Dean of Students & Dir. of La Casa Cultural Latina - University of
Illinois Urbana Champaign

1998-2006: Multicultural Coordinator, Opportunity at Iowa - University of Iowa

Research and publishing

Salinas, C., & Lozano, A. (in-progress). Mapping and recontextualizing the evolution of the term Latinx. Latinos and Education.  

Lozano, A. (2017). Breaking the Black/White binary in higher education leadership. About Campus, 21(6), 27-31.

Lozano, A. (Ed.). (2015). Latina/o college student leadership: Emerging theory, promising practice. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Lozano, A. (2010). Latina/o culture centers: Providing a sense of belonging and promoting student success. In L. D. Patton (Ed.), Spaces of resistance: Multiple perspectives on campus culture centers in higher education. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.

Watt, S.K., Curtiss, G., Drummond, J., Kellogg, A., Lozano, A., Tagliapietra Nicoli, G. & Rosas, M. (December, 2009). Privileged identity exploration: Examining White female counselor trainee’s reactions to difficult dialogue in the classroom. Counselor Education and Supervision Journal (Vol. 49) pp. 86-105.

Stewart, D. L., & Lozano, A. (2009). Intersections of race & religion. In S. K. Watt, E. Fairchild, & K. Goodman (Eds.), Intersections of Religious Privilege: Difficult Dialogues and Student Affairs. New Directions for Student Affairs, no. 125, Spring 2009.

Lozano Rodriguez, A.; Guido-DiBrito, F.; Torres, V.; & Talbot, D., (2000). Latina college students: Issues and challenges for the 21st century, NASPA Journal, vol. 37(3), spring 2000.


Ph.D. Higher Education Administration, Iowa State University, 2014

M.A. Student Development/Postsecondary Education, University of Northern Iowa, 1997

B.L.S. University of Northern Iowa, 1995