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Alysa Remsburg

Specialty area(s)

scholarship of teaching and learning, service learning, forest ecology, dragonfly and damselfly ecology, forest and riparian socio-ecological systems, conservation biology

Brief biography

Alysa grew up in West Michigan, where she frequently spent time exploring lakes and forests. After working in environmental education, Alysa's research in community ecology took her to Yellowstone, northern Wisconsin, South Africa, and Maine.  As Associate Professor of Conservation Biology at Unity College in Maine, Alysa developed an interest in teaching interdisciplinary courses about the environment.  She moved to La Crosse in 2013 to teach full time in an interdisciplinary program and to live near family. Alysa appreciates the strong sense of place that UWL students and community members share: a great pride for the natural landscapes in this unique place.

Current courses at UWL

Introduction to Environmental Studies

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Studies Capstone

Topics in Environmental Studies: Wisconsin Forests

Topics in Environmental Studies: Food, Culture, and the Environment

Internships in Environmental Studies

Independent Study

Ecotourism and Biodiversity Conservation in Costa Rica


Ph.D.     Zoology, 2007, University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Dissertation: Aquatic and Terrestrial Vegetation Influence Lacustrine Dragonfly (order Odonata) Assemblages at Multiple Life Stages (Advisor: M. Turner)

M.S.       Zoology, 2005, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Thesis: Amount, Position, and Age of Coarse Wood Influence Litter Decomposition (Advisor: M. Turner)

B.A.        Biology, 2001, Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio. Environmental Studies minor Department Honors

Teaching history

Topics in Environmental Studies: The Environment and Food Systems

Topics in Environmental Studies: Conservation Biology

Environmental Issues & Insights

Conservation Biology

Population & Community Ecology

Environmental Citizen

Field Ecology Experience

Evolution & Ecology

Cell & Organism Biology

Landscape Ecology Topics in Conservation

Species Diversity in Northern Forests.