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Specialty area(s)

Personality & Social Psychology (personality judgment accuracy and empathy); Industrial & Organizational Psychology (leadership and group dynamics); Statistics & Research Methodology (dyadic design and analysis)

Brief biography

Douglas E. Colman earned a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business from Adams State University. He then went on to complete an M.B.A. in Leadership, also from Adams State University, before completing both his M.S. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Idaho State University.

Prior to joining the faculty here at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, Dr. Colman spent a year as an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Development for the Organizational Learning and Performance Department at Idaho State University. In that position he taught Foundations of Human Resource Development, Evaluating Training, Principles of Change, Reframing Organizations, and Workplace Leadership. While a doctoral student at Idaho State, Dr. Colman gained valuable teaching experience as an instructor for Basic Statistics, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Child Development, and Careers in Psychology.

Dr. Colman’s primary research interests are at the intersection of Personality/Social Psychology and Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Specifically, his expertise is in the area of person perception and the accuracy of personality judgments. Dr. Colman has a special interest in the relation between people who are good at accurately understanding others (i.e., good judges) and empathy, broadly defined. Also, in an attempt to incorporate his business training, Dr. Colman is currently exploring the ways in which what is known about good judges can be applied in the workplace, and to leadership in particular.

If interested in Dr. Colman’s research, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to him – in person (preferred) or via email; he always enjoys chatting about these intriguing areas of scholarship. If you are wanting hands-on experience within one or more of these areas of study, talk with him about the possibility of joining his Accurate Person Perception & Leadership Experiences (APPLE) Lab.

Current courses at UWL

Experimental Psychology (PSY 331)

Group Dynamics (PSY 343)


Ph.D., Idaho State University (Experimental Psychology; 2018)

M.S., Idaho State University (Experimental Psychology; 2015)

M.B.A., Adams State University (Leadership; 2013)

B.A., Adams State University (Psychology with a Business Minor; 2010)

Teaching history

Taught at Idaho State University in Department of Psychology:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Careers in Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Basic Statistics
  • Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Taught at Idaho State University in Department of Organizational Learning & Performance:

  • Foundations of Human Resource Development
  • Principles of Change
  • Workplace Leadership
  • Evaluating Training
  • Reframing Organizations

Taught here at UWL:

  • General Psychology (PSY 101)
  • Social Psychology (PSY 241)
  • Experimental Psychology (PSY 331)
  • Group Dynamics (PSY 343)
  • Industrial & Organizational Psychology (PSY 376)

Research and publishing

Colman, D. E. (in press). Characteristics of the judge that are related to accuracy. In T. D. Letzring & J. S. Spain (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Accurate Personality Judgments. Oxford University Press. doi: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190912529.013.6

Letzring, T. D., Colman, D. E., Krzyzaniak, S. L., & Roberts, B. W. (in press). Realistic accuracy model. In B. J. Carducci (Editor-in-Chief) & C. S. Nave (Vol. Ed.), Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences: Vol. I. Models and Theories. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Krzyzaniak, S. L., Colman, D. E., Letzring, T. D., McDonald, J. S., & Biesanz, J. C. (2019). The effect of information quantity on the distinctive accuracy and normativity of personality trait judgments. European Journal of Personality, 33, 197-213. doi: 10.1002/per.2196

Colman, D. E., Vineyard, J., & Letzring, T. D. (2018). Exploring beyond simple demographic variables: Differences between traditional laboratory samples and crowdsourced online samples on the big five personality traits. Personality and Individual Differences, 133, 41-46. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2017.06.023 [In a Special Issue]

Colman, D. E., Letzring, T. D., & Biesanz, J. C. (2017). Seeing and feeling your way to accurate personality judgments: The moderating role of perceiver empathic tendencies. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 8, 806-815. doi:10.1177/1948550617691097

Letzring, T. D., & Colman, D. E. (2017). Applying personnel selection techniques to the psychological study of accurate person perception [Comment in special issue of European Personality Reviews]. European Journal of Personality, 31, 441-502. doi:10.1002/per.2119

*Colman, D. E., *Echon, R., *Lemay, M. S., *McDonald, J. S., *Smith, K. R., *Spencer, J., & Swift, J. K. (2016). The efficacy of self-care for graduate students in professional psychology: A meta-analysis. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 10, 188-197. doi:10.1037/tep0000130 (* Authors contributed equally)

Letzring, T. D., Rone, C. C., & Colman, D. E. (2016). Implications of fear of negative evaluation, state anxiety, and implied level of target-dominance on perceptions of personality traits. The Journal of Social Psychology, 156, 581–593. doi:10.1080/00224545.2016.1140117

Roberts, B. W., & Colman, D. E. (2016). What is c factor, and where can I get it? In-Mind Magazine, 29.

Colman, D. E., & Cramblet Alvarez, L. D. (2015). Please "friend" me: Comparing positivity of impressions across introduction platforms. North American Journal of Psychology, 17, 465-484.



Douglas Colman, Psychology and Hannah Feest, Psychology BS, presented "Employment Attitudes, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Rates: Examining the Predictive Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)" at The Society for Personality and Social Psychology's Annual Convention on Feb. 29 in New Orleans, LA.

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