Elizabeth Peacock

Assistant Professor
Archaeology And Anthropology

Specialty area(s)

Sociolinguistics, identity and belonging, youth, Ukraine, transitional societies, global communication, diasporas and homelands

Current courses at UWL

ANT 101: Human Nature/Human Culture

ANT 196: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

ANT/HIS 312: Peoples and Cultures of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

ANT 323: Anthropology of Childhood and Youth

ANT 375: Language, Power, and Inequality

ANT 401: Ethnographic Methods

Research and publishing

2016      “The Spatiotemporal Ambivalences of Youth Identities: Striving to be Authentic, yet Worldly.” In Identities and Subjectivities. Nancy Worth, Claire Dwyer, and Tracey Skelton (eds.). Geographies of Children and Young People, Volume 4. Pp. 493-510.

2015      “National Identity and Language: Class Differences among Youth in Western Ukraine.” Global Studies of Childhood 5(1): 59-73.

2012      The Authentic Village and the Modern City: The Space-Time of Class Identities in Urban Western Ukraine. Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review 30(1): 213-236.


2011. Ph.D. in Anthropology. University of California, San Diego.
2003. M.A. in Anthropology. University of California, San Diego.
2000. B.A. in Anthropology and Political Science. University of Kansas.