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Specialty area(s)

Sociolinguistics, youth identity and belonging, Eastern Europe, postsocialist societies, global communication, diasporas and homelands

Current courses at UWL

ANT 101: Human Nature/Human Culture (every semester)

ANT 196: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (every fall)

ANT/HIS 312: Peoples and Cultures of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (study abroad)

ANT 323: Anthropology of Childhood and Youth

ANT 375: Language, Power, and Inequality

ANT 401: Ethnographic Methods


2011. Ph.D. in Anthropology. University of California, San Diego.
2003. M.A. in Anthropology. University of California, San Diego.
2000. B.A. in Anthropology and Political Science. University of Kansas.

Research and publishing

2019.     “Youth in Ukraine.” In Teen Lives Around the World: A Global Encyclopedia. Karen Wells (ed.). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

2018      “Navigating Competing Identities through Stance-Taking: A Case of Ukrainian Teenagers. Journal of Belonging, Identity, Language, and Diversity 2(1): 62-74.

2016      “The Spatiotemporal Ambivalences of Youth Identities: Striving to be Authentic, yet Worldly.” In Identities and Subjectivities. Nancy Worth, Claire Dwyer, and Tracey Skelton (eds.). Geographies of Children and Young People, Volume 4. Pp. 493-510. Springer Singapore.

2015      “National Identity and Language: Class Differences among Youth in Western Ukraine.” Global Studies of Childhood 5(1): 59-73.

2012      "The Authentic Village and the Modern City: The Space-Time of Class Identities in Urban Western Ukraine." Anthropology of Eastern Europe Review 30(1): 213-236.