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Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Teaching Professor
Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

General Chemistry - CHM 103/104 Lecture/Discussion/Laboratory

Inorganic Chemistry - Synthesis, Characterization, X-ray Crystallography

Brief biography

I was born awesome and remain awesome to this day. 

Current courses at UWL

CHM 103 Lecture and Laboratory

CHM 104 Lecture and Laboratory (sometimes)

CHM 299 (Tutor Practicum)


B.S. University of Oregon, Eugene in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics (2007)

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison in Inorganic Chemistry (2012)


Teaching history

I have been teaching at UWL since Fall 2012 and have primarily been teaching CHM 103 (General Chemistry I). I have taught the course over 20 times and am passionate about helping students succeed, feel comfortable learning, and understanding fascinating and relevant chemical concepts. I love learning more about how students learn best, and base my teaching philosophy on teaching the whole student, recognizing students' unique strengths and challenges, and helping students connect what they learn in the classroom to the world around them. 



Cord Brundage, Biology; Eugenia Turov, Chemistry & Biochemistry; and Katherine Evans, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation; were named Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars of UW System on May 30. Throughout the coming year, they will participate in a professional development program to examine teaching and learning issues and be guided through the process of completing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project.

Submitted on: June 1, 2023



Recep Pekdemir, Accountancy; Cord Brundage and Tisha King-Heiden, both Biology; Kristin Koepke, CATL; Eugenia Turov, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Ashley Edwards and Jessica Welsh, both Communication Studies; Bryan Kopp, English; Jason Sumontha, Psychology; and Katherine Evans, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation; served by representing UWL at UW System’s Faculty College event May 30-June 2, 2023. The theme for Faculty College 2023 was Teaching & Learning with a Social Justice Lens.

Submitted on: June 1, 2023



Eugenia Turov, Chemistry & Biochemistry; and Tushar Das, Whitney George and Nathan Warnberg, all Mathematics & Statistics; designed an anti-racist education workshop for "the purpose of building a Community of Anti-Racist Educators". In addition, Whitney George and Eugenia Turov co-faciliated the weeklong workshop. The workshop was a resounding success as noted by one participant leaving with 'profound insights about their personal struggles with internalized white-supremacy and how it shows up in their classrooms.'

Submitted on: Aug. 30, 2021