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Specialty area(s)

Hispanic Linguistics, World Language Pedagogy, Pragmatics, Study Abroad, Curriculum Design, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Teacher Preparation, Academic Literacy

Brief biography

I am an applied linguist interested in second language acquisition and pedagogy. I completed my graduate degrees at the University of California, Davis in Spanish Linguistics and TESOL. Broadly speaking, my research explores the teaching and learning of Spanish in different contexts, including during study abroad, in virtual/hybrid classes, and using a task-based approach.


Ph.D. Spanish Linguistics: University of California, Davis (2017)

M.A. TESOL: University of California, Davis (2015)

M.A. Spanish Linguistics: University of California, Davis (2013)

B.S. Curriculum & Instruction-World Language Education: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2008)

Teaching history

GCL 300/320: World Language Education: Field Experience I/II

GCL 310: Theories and Research in Second Language Acquisition 

GCL 400: Teaching World Languages: Methods and Approaches

GCL 406: Language Assessment & Testing

GCL 420: Teaching World Languages: Design and Application

GCL 473: Teaching World Languages: From Early Childhood to Early Adolescence

SPA 330: Advanced Grammar and Syntax

SPA 331: Spanish Phonetics

SPA 333: Spanish Beyond the Classroom: Navigating the Personal and Professional World

SPA 443: Studies in Hispanic Linguistics (pragmatics)