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Profile for Lisa Giddings

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Lisa Giddings

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Lisa Giddings Pronouns: She/Her/Hers



Specialty area(s)

Labor Economics, Transition Economies, Sports Economics, and Economics of the Family with a focus on Same-Sex Households

Brief biography

I am a Professor in the Department of Economics. I received my Ph.D. in August of 2000 from American University in Washington D.C. My fields of study were labor, gender and transition economics.

I love teaching at UWL. Our students are bright, curious, and hard working. 

I recently attended two teaching workshops that have transformed my pedagogy and classroom. The American Economic Association's EDUCATE Workshop, and UWL's Inclusive Teaching Institute. These experiences have encouraged me to address the classroom culture, content, and pedagogy in my courses with the goal of providing significant learning opportunities for all of my students in the context of radical inclusivity. I want all of my students to find Relevance, Belonging, and a Growth Mindset (RBG) in my courses (see Bayer, Bhanot, Bronchetti and O’Connell, 2020).

In terms of research, I have spent most of my career exploring the effects of the economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe (with focuses on Bulgaria, Germany and Tajikistan).

I am also interested in exploring topics in the economics of the family including differences in the division of labor between different and same-sex households. This line of research asks questions like "do gay and lesbian couples divide labor in a manner that is more or less like different-sex couples where the husband tends to work more in wage/salary labor and spend less time on household chores than does the wife" and do children in the household affect this calculus? 

Additionally I've been working on a few topics related to athletes and the economics of sports. With Mike Haupert (UWL), I have explored the salaries and demand for women's baseball (think A League of Their Own - "there's no crying in baseball!"). We are currently extending our analysis to the National Women's Hockey League.

Finally, I have been working in the behavioral economics lab and exploring cognitive effects of exposure to racist artifacts. Claim to fame: Richard Thaler recently liked one of my tweets. 

Current courses at UWL

ECO 110 Microeconomics and Public Policy
ECO 308 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECO333 Behavioral Economics


B.S. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mathematics, Economics and Literature, 1991
M.A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Economics, 1994.
Ph.D. American University, Economics, 2000.


Professional history

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, Associate Professor
August 2000 to Present.

University College Dublin, Dublin Ireland, Visiting Associate Professor
January 2013 - May 2013.

Macalester College, St. Paul MN, Visiting Associate Professor
January 2007 - May 2010.

Trinity College, Washington DC, Visiting Instructor
August 1999 to August 2000.

Nathan Associates, Inc., Arlington VA, Research Associate.
May 1997 to September 1999.

The World Bank, Washington DC, Consultant
October 1997 to April 1998.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington, DC, Economist
September 1998.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Washington, DC, Research Fellow
May 1995 to August 1995.

Research and publishing

Forthcoming with Stephan Lefebvre. "Significant Learning in Principles of Economics: A Module on the Minimum Wage" in the Journal of Economic Education.

2022. With Mike Haupert. “Women on the Field and Money in the Bank: An Overview of the Business of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.” NINE: special issue on women in baseball. 

2021. Giddings, Lisa A. “Gender Division of Labor Among Couples.” In Handbook of Feminist Economics. Eds. Gunseli Berik and Ebru Kongar.

2019. Lisa Giddings and Michael Haupert. "Earning Like a Woman: Salaries versus Marginal Revenue Products in the AAGBPL and MLB: 1947-52." Journal of Sports Economics. Vol. 20(2): 198-217.

2021. with Mieke Meurs. “Elder Care and Paid Work: Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Unpaid Elder Care Work and Employment in Bulgaria.” European Social Policy. Forthcoming.

2019. with Dutta N, Giddings L, Roy S. Can Greater Attention to Women's Rights Help Address Income Inequality?. Contemporary Economic Policy. Vol. 37(3): 545-59.

2016. Lisa Giddings and Adam Hoffer. "Exercising Willpower: Differences in Willpower among Athletes and Non-Athletes." Contemporary Economic Policy. Vol. 34(3): 463-474.

2014. Lisa Giddings, John M. Nunley, Alyssa Schneebaum and Joachim Zietz ."Birth Cohort and the Specialization Gap Between Same-Sex and Different Sex Couples." Demography. Vol. 51(2): 509.534.

Memberships & affiliations

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