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Profile for Shuma Iwai

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Shuma Iwai

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Assistant Professor
Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Shuma Iwai Pronouns: He/Him/His

Assistant Professor

Race/Gender/Sexuality Studies

Specialty area(s)

Asian American Studies, Religion, Intercultural Studies, Race and Media, Asian History, World History


Current courses at UWL

RGS 100: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Class; RGS 307: Ethnic, Racial, and Gender Stereotypes in the Media; RGS/SOC 316: Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change in Religion; RGS 350: Asian American Studies in Race, Gender, and Sexuality; RGS 490: RGSS Senior Capstone; ERS 100: Introduction to Ethnic and Racial Studies; ERS 220: Introduction to Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes in the Media; HIS 101: Global Origins of the Modern World; HIS 102: Global Transition and Change; HIS 110: World History



Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison


Research and publishing

Selected Publications

"Race and Religion" in Bloomsburg Religion in North America (2021)

"Middle Asia,” Encyclopedia (EBR, 2019)

“Modernization of a Pilgrimage” (Translation). In Temple Solicitation, Pilgrimage, and Celebration. Vol. 6 of Religion and the Japanese, 209-242, edited by Shimazono Susumu, Takano Toshihiko, Hayashi Makoto, and Wakao Masaki. Tokyo: Shunjūsha, 2015.

“A Counter Culture of the 1980s: Ozaki Yutaka’s Songs,” Japan Studies Review 17 (2013): 69-90.

“Syncretism of Christian Samurai at the Kumamoto Band in Japan: Fulfillment of Confucianism in Christianity”. In Religions on the Move: New Dynamics of Religious Studies on Expansion in a Globalizing World. International Studies on Religion and Society Series, 113-132. Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2012.



James Carlson, Educational Studies and Shuma Iwai, Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, presented "Embodying a Pro-Asian American Lens in the Classroom: Working Towards Justice and Liberty for All While Combating Anti-Asian Hate and Discrimination " at Wisconsin-National Association of Multicultural Educaation on Saturday, April 27 in La Crosse, WI. In a presentation at the Wisconsin-NAME conference in La Crosse, WI, Iwai and Carlson shared details related to the recent passage of the 2023 Wisconsin Act 266, which mandates the inclusion of Hmong and Asian American histories, cultures, and contributions in schools. In addition to exploring historical and recent anti-Asian bias and discrimination, curricular resources for meeting the intent of the mandate and embodying a pro-Asian lens in the curriculum were shared.

Submitted on: April 27


Shuma Iwai, Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, presented "Anti-Japanese Sentiment During WWII: Galen Fisher's Views on the Incarceration Camps" at Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs on Sept. 30 in University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Submitted on: Oct. 4, 2023