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Timothy Gongaware

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Sociology & Criminal Justice
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Specialty area(s)

Social Movements, Collective Behavior, Leisure Groups, Identity (individual and collective), Qualitative Research, Popular Culture

Brief biography

I drink coffee, and then I do stuff.

Some of the professional "stuff" I do includes researching interactive processes like those of collective identities in social movements and hobby organizations (like sailing clubs).

Outside of the office, I spend time sailing, traveling (especially by sail boat), reading fantasy fiction and biographies of adventurers (especially sailors like Tania Aebi and Ellen MacArthur - look them up!), watching movies, and I'm also a bit of a social media junkie but I'm getting better ...or at least I was until I discovered TikTok.

Current courses at UWL

As Department Chair I do not have as many opportunities to be in the classroom as I would like. My teaching schedule right now includes:
SOC 335 Collective Behavior (typically in the Fall)
SOC 390 Early Social Theory (every Fall)
SOC 416 Qualitative Explorations (typically in the spring)
SOC 330 Social Psychology (some spring terms, and J-Term or Summer when possible)


1993 B.S. (Education) Kent State University
1997 M.A. (Sociology) Ohio University
2001 Ph.D. (Sociology) University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Professional history

2017-present Chair, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, UW-La Crosse
2015-2017 & 2018-2019 Interim Chair, Department of Ethnic and Racial Studies, UW-La Crosse

2011-present Professor of Sociology, UW-La Crosse
2005-2011 Associate Professor of Sociology, UW-La Crosse
2001-2005 Assistant Professor of Sociology, UW-La Crosse

2005-2008 Co-editor Illness, Crisis and Loss

2001 Instructor University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1999-2000 Managing Editor Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.
1997-2001 Graduate Instructor University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1997 Teaching Intern Ohio University, Dr. Christine Mattley
1997 Research Assistant Ohio University, Dr. Amanda Konradi
1996 Teaching Assistant Ohio University, Dr. Robert Shelly,

Research and publishing

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Timothy Gongaware, Sociology & Criminal Justice, Sociology, presented "By Land and By Water: The Netdoms Comprising Collective Identity at Inland Lake Sailing Clubs" at 2020 Mid-South Sociological Association Annual Conference on Friday, Oct. 16 in the virtual space that consumes our lives now.

Submitted on: Oct. 16, 2020