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TeachingAward badge, 2019
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Specialty area(s)

20 & 21c American Literature, Secondary English Education, Poetry and Poetics, Rhetorical Approaches to Literature

Current courses at UWL

ENG 200: Literature and Human Experience
("Bestsellers in American Literature")


Ph.D., Texas Christian University (2015)
Dissertation: "Rhetorcizing the Avant-Garde: The Illegible as Argument"

M.A., University of Central Florida (2005)
Secondary English Language Arts

B.A., University of Miami, FL (2003)
English and Philosophy

Teaching history

ENG 110: College Writing I
ENG 112: College Writing AP
ENG 200: Literature and Human Experience ("Bestsellers in American Literature")
ENG 201: American Literature I
ENG 202: American Literature II
ENG 200 / ENG 210 / ERS 210: Literature of Black America
ENG 301: Foundations of Literary Studies
ENG 341: Pedagogical Approaches to Adolescent Literature
ENG 370: Early American Literature
ENG 380: Literature of American Ethnic and Minority Cultures
ENG 405: Teaching and Learning English in the Secondary School
ENG 470: Seminar in American Literature ("Poetry and/as Politics")
EDS 492: Student Teaching Seminar

Professional history

Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (2015-Present)
Doctoral Teaching Fellow, Texas Christian University (2014-15)
Graduate Instructor, Texas Christian University (2011-14)
High School English Teacher, Seminole County Public Schools (2005-10)

Research and publishing


"John Ashbery's Unexceptional Politics"
Pacific Coast Philology (Forthcoming, 2021)

"Manufacturing Manhood: Young Adult Fiction and Masculinity(ies) in the 21st Century"
Chapter in Beyond the Blockbusters: Themes and Trends in Young Adult Literature (2020, University Press of Mississippi)
[Co-authored with Dr. Heidi Jones]

Review of Bryan Crable's Ralph Ellison and Kennth Burke (KB Jounal, Fall 2013)
[Co-authored with Dr. Tyler Branson, Dr. Sharon Harris, and Dr. Joel Overall]


"Humor as 'Unexceptional Politics' in John Ashbery's The Tennis Court Oath" (2019 PAMLA Conference in San Diego, CA)

“Raising (Critical) Voices: Preparing Teachers for Critical Pedagogies in the ELA Classroom” (2018 NCTE Conference in Houston, TX)

“Tell It Slant: Dickinson, Wittgenstein, and the Poetics of Truth” (2018 PAMLA Conference in Bellingham, WA)

"Voices of Advocacy in Imaginary Worlds: Teaching Speculative Fiction with Critical Literacy, Feminist, and Queer Theory Perspectives" (2016 NCTE Conference in Atlanta, GA)

"Curating Capitalism: Walter Benjamin, Kenneth Goldsmith, and the 21st Century Archive" (2016 PAMLA Conference in Pasadena, CA)

"Pedagogies of Poetry: The Transformational Rhetorics of Lyn Hejinian and Susanne Langer" (2016 Rhetoric Society of America Conference in Atlanta, GA)