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Uzay Damali

Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Specialty area(s)

Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare operations, and Healthcare Analytics

Brief biography

Uzay Damali is an associate professor of operations management at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. He is the director of the Healthcare Analytics Management Program, and teaches courses in operations management and healthcare analytics management. He holds a doctorate in supply chain and operations management from Clemson University, and published in Journal of Operations Management and Decision Sciences. His current research interests include improving healthcare service quality. He can be reached at

Current courses at UWL

     MGT 393: Operations Management

     MGT 402: Healthcare Analytics Management

     MGT 400: Healthcare Management


     Ph.D. in Management - Clemson University

     M.S. in Industrial Management - Clemson University

     B.S. in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering - Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


Teaching history

     University of Victoria, University of Minnesota Duluth, and Clemson University

Research and publishing


Damali, U., Fredendall, L., Miller, J., Moore, D., Dye, C. (2022). Enhancing patient participation in healthcare operations through patient training and education using the theoretical lens of media synchronicity. Decision Science, February issue.

Pekdemir, R., Kocakulah, M., Damali, U., Ercan, M. (2022). Business Sophomore Students’ Perceptions of Accounting Profession; Evidence for Any Change in Two Decades. Journal of Accounting and Finance.

Damali, U., Secchi, E., Tax, S., McCutcheon, D. (2021). Customer participation risk management: Conceptual model and managerial assessment tool. Journal of Service Management.

Damali, U., Kocakulah, M., Ozkul, A. (2021). Investigation of Cloud ERP Adoption in Healthcare Industry through Technology-Organization-Environment (TOE) Framework: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics.

Ozkul, A., Damali, U., Nandialath, A., Stapleton, A. (2020). Determining optimum customer participation level in services: Perceptual biases and congruence. International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management, 30(3), 323–342.

Ozkul, A., Damali, U., Nandialath, A., Stapleton, A. (2019). Customer and employee perceptual congruence in service co-production. Quality Management Journal, 26(1), 2–17.

Damali, U., Fredendall, L., Miller, J., Moore, D., Dye, C. (2016). Co-creating value using customer training and education in a healthcare service design. Journal of Operations Management, 47-48, 80–97.

Stapleton, A., Pande, V., Ghosh, S., Damali, U. (2014). Refining shippers’ dyadic cost, risk, and delivery responsibilities: The principal changes to incoterms and a transaction cost focus for the future. Journal of Transportation Management, 24(4), 7–30.

Fredendall, L., Craig, J., Fowler, P., Damali, U. (2009). Barriers to swift, even flow in the internal supply chain of perioperative surgical services department: A case study. Decision Sciences, 40(2), 327–349.

Fowler, P., Craig, J., Fredendall, L., Damali, U. (2008). Perioperative workflow: Barriers to efficiency, risks, and satisfaction. AORN Journal, 87(1), 187–208.



Uzay Damali and Anup Menon Nandialath, both Management, presented "Factors affecting the readmission rates in hospitals: Mixed method study" at Decision Sciences Institute Conference on Nov. 19, 2023 in Atlanta, GA. 

Submitted on: Jan. 8



Uzay Damali, Management, co-authored the chapter "Quality Improvement of Healthcare Services through Data Analytics Processes" in Advancement in Business Analytics Tools for Higher Financial Performance published on Aug. 1 by IGI Global. Co-author: Ahmet Semih Ozkul, University of New Haven

Submitted on: Nov. 22, 2023



Uzay Damali, Management, co-authored the article "Adopting a low-contact high-focus healthcare service strategy in the era of pandemics" in Research Handbook on Services Management published on Aug. 5 by Edward Elgar Publishing. Co-authors: Enrico Secchi, Stephen S. Tax, Jeff Kessler

Submitted on: Oct. 14, 2022