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William Ross

Pronouns: "He"/"Him"/"His" (when talking ABOUT me); "Sir"/"Yes Sir"/"Professor Ross" (when talking TO me)
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Human Resource Management, Labor & Employment Relations, Conflict Management, Organizational Behavior.  

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Brief biography

Dr. William Ross is a Professor of Human Resource Management and Labor & Employment Relations in the Department of Management, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. He is also a member of the Graduate Faculty and served as Department Chair: 2013-2019.

Current courses at UWL

Dr. Ross rotates through the following undergraduate courses:

MGT 303: Principles of Labor-Management Relations;
MGT 308: Organizational Behavior
MGT 483: Employee Training and Development 
MGT 485: Collective Bargaining (and Negotiation Skills)
MGT 486: Human Resource Management: Current Topics and Policy Issues


Ph.D.: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

M.A.: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

B.A.: Psychology, Auburn University.


Teaching history

Graduate Courses:
MGT 738: Labor-Management Relations (MBA)
MGT 740: Current Topics in Human Resource Management and Labor & Employment Relations (MBA)

Professional history


The entry, “Using the Internet to attract and evaluate job candidates” was published in the Encyclopedia of Cyber Behavior (Z. Yan, Editor). This three-volume set was nominated for an Outstanding Reference Sources Award by the American Library Association.

Featured in a Building Bridges: College of Business Newsletter article profiling faculty members nominated by their former students as excellent teachers.

Who's Who among American Teachers (also awarded in 1996, 2002, and 2004)

The paper, “Negotiator’s Trust and Distrust Perceptions and Mediation Strategies” was one of only four papers selected for a Distinguished Research Award by the Academy of Organizational Culture, Communication,
and Conflict.

Who's Who In Business Higher Education

The article, “Watching the Detectives…” (on electronic monitoring) was published in Personnel Psychology; this volume of the journal won the Emerald Golden Page Award for 2002.

Invited Speaker, UW-L Freshman Convocation Address.

Winner: Charles Nichol Essay Award for the article, "Measuring Success in Mediation" published in
The Mediation Journal; Award presented by the Wisconsin Association of Mediators.

Member, Beta Gamma Sigma honor society.

Paper, "Hybrid forms of dispute resolution: Theoretical implications of combining mediation and arbitration," Nominated for the "Best Paper" award in the Conflict Management Division at the Academy of Management convention.

Recipient, "Best Mediation and Dispute Resolution Paper" Award, First International Convention
of the International Association for Conflict Management.

Member, Phi Kappa Phi honor society.
Member, Psi Chi honor society.
Member, Phi Beta Kappa Members in the Auburn Community honor society.



Randika Eramudugoda and William Ross, both Management, co-authored the article "Using a Business Case to Teach Students About Time Management" in International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies published on Oct. 5 by Inderscience. Other co-author: Myles Dellger; DOI: 10.1504/IJTCS.2022.10050974

Submitted on: Oct. 13, 2022



William Ross, Management, received the award for Outstanding Reviewer in the 2022 Emerald Literati Awards from International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior.

Submitted on: Sept. 23, 2022



Christopher Ballweg and William Ross, both Management; and Davide Secchi, University of Southern Denmark; co-authored the article "Do I Want to Work for Him?” The Effects of Variations in Content, Source, and Age of Managers’ Social Networking Information on Prospective Job Applicants’ Attitudes" in International Journal of Web-Based Communities, Vol. 17 (3), 217-246. published on Aug. 1 by Inderscience.

Submitted on: Aug. 23, 2021



William Ross, Management, authored the article "Teaching Human Resource Management Students About Worker Centers. " in Journal of Human Resources Education, 14(1), 1–31. published on Friday, April 16 by Troy University. Worker Centers – nonprofit organizations which provide services to and advocate for workers – have grown dramatically in recent years. They largely exist outside of the scope of labor laws, yet many critics charge that they are, in effect, surrogate unions. The paper describes three different class assignments to teach Human Resource Management and Labor & Employment Relations students about the complex challenges Worker Centers pose to efficient business management and the challenges that modern business practices (e.g., classifying workers as independent contractors) pose to workers.

Submitted on: April 16, 2021



Danny Franklin and William Ross, both Management, co-authored the article "Characteristics of Effective Trade Secrets and Confidential Information Policies: Guidance from Labor Arbitration Cases" in Labor Law Journal, 71 (1) 43-57 published on March 17 by Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US.

Submitted on: May 19, 2020



William Ross, Management, co-authored the article "Predicting Intention to Participate in Socially Responsible Collective Action in a Social Networking Website Group" in Journal of the Association for Information Systems published on April 1 by Association for Information Systems.

Submitted on: May 7, 2020



William Ross, Management, co-authored the article "Human Resource Problems during Software Conversion at Johnson Regional Hospitals: A Teaching Case" in International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies published on Nov. 25, 2019 by Inderscience Publishers.

Submitted on: April 30, 2020



William Ross, Management, co-authored the article "The influence of managers' social networking information on job applicants" in Evidence-Based HRM: A Global Forum for Empirical Scholarship published on Aug. 5, 2019 by Emerald Publishing Limited.

Submitted on: April 23, 2020



William Ross, Management, presented ""Stroke Survivor"" at Gundersen Health System Stroke Conference on Oct. 11, 2019 in La Crosse, WI. Ross was a "Stroke Survivor" speaker at the Gundersen Health System Stroke Conference- "An event with a purpose recognizing that "Medical knowledge based on evidence-based research is imperative to treat patients with potentially life-threatening and/or quality-of-life issues in patients with stroke."

Submitted on: April 17, 2020