SECTION A – INTRODUCTION expanding section
A-1 Policy Authority expanding section

The authority, purpose, priorities, and limitations associated with the use of university facilities by university or non-university groups or individuals are established in the following Wisconsin codes and statutes:

  • Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS Chapter 18
  • Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS Chapter  21
  • Wisconsin Statute 11.36(3) and (4)
  • Wisconsin Statute 16.845

These documents describe in detail the terms and conditions for using university facilities and provide the necessary context for the UW-La Crosse policy on facility and grounds use.

A-2 Definitions expanding section
  • Classrooms:  All spaces, including general and computer labs, which are utilized for academic instruction.
  • Customer Categories:  The categories that define which fees apply to a specific group.
  • Special Event:  Typically larger events requiring coordination for a variety of logistical needs which may include but are not limited to:  catering, extensive use of facilities/grounds, parking requirements, technology/production, housing, security
  • Fee – Equipment:  Fees assigned to particular user groups when equipment used is not a part of the facility rental fee.
  • Fee – Facility Rental:  Facility/room fees for customer categories A2 and B.
  • Fee – Incidental:  Fees that may include but are not limited to:   regular and overtime labor; equipment transportation; loss or damage to equipment, facilities, furniture, grounds; excessive cleaning and/or waste removal; extraordinary setups, unexpected room resetting, significant last-minute setup changes, and failure to cancel rooms requiring setups.
  • Reservation Contact:  A group’s designated contact is charged with the responsibility of communicating the following information:
    • Event and reservation times
    • The nature of the planned activities
    • Setup needs
    • Services to be utilized
    • Audiovisual needs
    • Identifying the day-of-reservation    contact, if different
    • Timely cancellations
  • Reservations Authority/Manager:  The office or department charged with the responsibility of reserving specific facilities while adhering to the UW-La Crosse Facility/Grounds Use & Reservations Policies.  Managers are responsible for coordinating reservations, assisting with necessary logistics, and billing information/invoicing.  In addition, all facility & grounds use must be documented in the scheduling and reservations databases.
  • Reserving:  The process of creating reservations for meetings, lectures, banquets, conferences, review sessions, etc.
  • RSO:  Officially recognized UW-L student organization.
  • Scheduling (classroom):  The process of creating and modifying the University class schedule.
  • Sponsored Reservation:  In order for a reservation to be considered University sponsored, the sponsoring University RSO, administrative or academic unit must meet the following conditions:
    • The event is a clear extension of the University/office/departmental/organ-izational mission.
    • The University sponsor is the UW-La Crosse office/department/organization responsible for making the reservation, planning, implementing, and actively overseeing the event.
    • The University sponsor assumes financial responsibility for all related fees.

***If any of these conditions are not met, the reservation will fall into customer category B, along with the associated fees***

SECTION B – FOOD & BEVERAGE expanding section
B-1 Catering expanding section

By contract, the University Food Service is the campus-wide sole source and supplier of food and beverage service for all events, activities, and hospitality needs.  Any exemption to this must be requested through the University Centers Director.

Order Timelines:  For small events, orders must be placed a minimum of five business days before the event date.  For larger events, or events that have very unique needs, orders should be placed a minimum of ten business days before the event date.

Service Locations:  Catering is not allowed in classrooms due to class timing, custodial resources, setup, tear down and cleanup times. 

Catering service is available at the following locations:

The Student Union-All event and meeting rooms

Centennial Hall

  • Hall of Nations
  • Conference Room 3100
  • Classroom 3214*

*Limited menu catering is allowed in meeting room 3214. Limitations apply based on the class schedule and the times needed to do the catering setup.

Center for the Arts-Main Lobby – Reception catering

Cleary Center

Mitchell Hall – By special permission

Murphy Library – Room 150 and 153

Office/Departmental Internal Spaces

Outdoor Locations-Space must be reserved & may need to be located next to power.

Recreational Eagle Center – By special permission

Residence Halls-Lower levels, conference rooms, and meeting rooms.

Veterans’ Memorial Field Sports Complex

Wing-Limited menu catering is allowed in the following rooms: 23, 24, 31, 102, 104, 126, 161

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

 (a)General Provisions

  1. The administration of these guidelines shall be the primary responsibility of the Director of University Centers.
  2. The University Food Service is the sole vendor of alcoholic beverages on campus. As such, they will provide all necessary qualified personnel for dispensing beverages, checking patron identifications, and clean-up.
  3. Alcoholic beverage service is available only to UW-L students, staff, faculty, and their invited guests and non-University groups during their scheduled conferences and meetings held on campus. Persons not of legal drinking age within the State of Wisconsin will not be served.
  4. Catered alcoholic beverage service shall be limited to four hours duration per event unless special approval is received from the Director of University Centers.
  5. Identification will be checked by University Food Service personnel at the point of sale and may be checked again at any time.
  6. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold at any event in order that the proceeds will be used to make a profit or to raise funds for any purpose. However, if alcoholic beverages shall be served, donated, or sold at a reduced rate by a distributor as a donation to a philanthropy, the University Food Service will sell the beverage at the contract rate, subtract expenses from revenue, and issue a check for the difference made payable directly to the philanthropy. A check will not be issued to the sponsoring organization.
  7. All alcoholic beverages shall be served on a cash-by-the-drink basis at the established prices. Under no circumstances will the prices be reduced for any reason. However, wine by the bottle with a banquet meal and alcohol punch by the gallon may be furnished upon special approval of the Director of University Centers.
  8. Additional non-alcohol beverages and snacks, purchased by the customer, must be made available at all times when alcoholic beverages are served.
  9. Those requesting alcoholic beverage service must submit this form for user category A1 and A2 or this form for category B a minimum of five (5) working days in advance of the event.  The request for service should also be made a minimum of five working days in advance with the University Food Service catering office.
  10. Student activity fees may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  11. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring group to assure appropriate behavior is exhibited.

(b) Alcoholic Beverage Service Areas

Catered service will be provided in the following areas:

The Student Union

a. Meeting and event spaces

e. Other areas in the U may be reserved at times when the building is not normally open by making a request through the University Reservations & Event Support manager.

Centennial Hall - Hall of Nations

Cleary Center

ICE Rooms at Murphy

Veterans’ Memorial Field Sports Complex

Whitney Center dining areas

Other areas must be directly negotiated with the Director of University Centers

B-2 Student organization & departmental self-catering expanding section

University students, faculty, and staff may submit a self-catering request form for up to a $100 value with the following conditions:

  • Only snack foods are allowed (cookies, chips, baked goods, fruits/vegetables, soda, coffee in a carafe, etc.)
  • No outside vendor products can be brought onto campus (Subway, Toppers, etc.)
  • For safety reasons, no food that requires heating/cooling can be brought in (mayonnaise based salads, sloppy joes, etc.)
  • No electrical appliances may be brought in (crock pot, coffee maker, etc.)
  • Self-catering may not be utilized in conjunction with University provided catering.
SECTION C – GENERAL POLICIES expanding section
C-1 Alcoholic Beverages expanding section

Alcoholic beverage service for events must be requested through the UW-L Campus Dining Catering Service.  Alcoholic beverages may not be brought in for individual or group consumption.

C-2 Animals expanding section

(a)    The presence of dogs, cats, and other pets is prohibited in all university buildings and in arboretums at all times except as authorized by the chief administrative officer. The chief administrative officer may also prohibit the presence of dogs, cats, and other pets on other designated university lands.

(b)   The presence of dogs, cats and other pets is prohibited on all university lands not described in par. (a) unless the animal is on a leash which is physically controlled by the individual responsible for the animal, except as authorized by the chief administrative officer.

(c)    Program Revenue Buildings:  The University allows access for animals on campus for educational purposes. Access for animals will be at the discretion of building directors. Educational purposes include instruction related to the animals as well as designated comfort animals which may assist students with high stress times. Emotional support animals are approved to be in Residence Hall. Programs using emotional support animals must be preapproved by the building director. All animals brought on campus must have vaccine documentation and be in good health. 

(d)   The chief administrative officer may not grant the exceptions allowed under par. (a) and (b) in any outdoor area where food is being served or where animals are otherwise prohibited by signage.

(e)  This section does not apply to police  and service animals when those animals are working.

C-3 Cancellations expanding section

A group’s reservation contact is the only person who is allowed to cancel a reservation.  The reservation contact must contact the person/office who created the reservation to officially cancel, preferably via email.

Late Cancellation (within 1 business day of the event):  User groups A2 and B will still be responsible for facilities, overhead, and incidental fees.  User group A1 may be responsible for incidental fees.

No-Show:  User groups A2 and B will be responsible for paying 100% of the associated fees.  User group A1 will be responsible for paying 100% of the incidental fees (typically setup fees).

Recurring No-Show:  For any group, office, or department with a pattern of not utilizing reserved facilities, remaining bookings may be cancelled.  In extreme cases, reservation privileges may be lost.

C-4 Candles expanding section

Only LED candles are allowed inside of University facilities.

Candles with drip catchers are allowed for candlelight vigils in specific outdoor locations.  Candles must be disposed of properly, and any costs associated with wax cleanup will be billed to the sponsoring group.

C-5 Cleanup expanding section

All materials brought in for an event (decorations, boxes, handouts, props, etc.) must be taken down and removed from the facility by the end of the reservation time.  Unless special permission for extended storage has been granted ahead of time, incidental cleanup fees will apply for materials left behind.  

C-6 Damages expanding section

Costs associated with repairing or replacing any damage to facilities, grounds, or equipment will be billed to the person or group who made the reservation.

C-7 Decorations expanding section

Program Revenue buildings are managed by the building directors in consultation with University Facilities.

Decorations and displays must be approved by either the building director or University Reservations.  Incidental fees will apply if any cleaning or repair is necessary following an event.


Taping, screwing, stapling, sewing, or otherwise fastening things to walls, doors, ceilings, curtains, windows, tables, stages, etc. is not allowed.  Nothing is allowed that will damage or leave tape/residue on the finish of a room, furniture or equipment.  Residence Halls have a more specific set of policies that apply which offer exceptions to this policy.


Due to difficulty in cleaning/extracting from furniture and carpets, glitter and confetti are not allowed.


Before embarking on the process of creating decorations, theatrical sets, and other items that utilize paints, dyes, toxic markers, glitter, cutting tools, etc., a plan must be submitted to the reservations office.  All limitations imposed by the reservations manager must be followed.  Any cleaning, repair or replacement necessary because of the activity will be billed to the responsible group.  

C-8 Film/Movie - Public Exhibition expanding section

In compliance with the Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the United States Code), anyone wishing to exhibit a film in a space reserved through University Reservations must produce documentation that a public performance license has been obtained.   A tentative reservation may be made, but the event/reservation will not be confirmed until University Reservations receives approval notification from the administrative authority.  The public performance for film request form can be found here:  Film request form

C-9 Parking expanding section

Requests for event parking should go through the UW-La Crosse Parking Services.

C-10 Posting Signage expanding section

Affixing information/ directional signs on entrance doors, windows, walls, etc. is not allowed.  Some facilities may have easels and sign holders to assist with informational signage.  Self-standing signs, placed out of the way of walking traffic, may be allowed.  Please check with the reservations manager to discuss possible options.

C-11 Room Setup expanding section

Academic buildings/classrooms

Rooms must be used as they are set for classroom use.  The only exception to this is room 3214 in Centennial Hall.  Additional furniture is not available in any academic building.  Furniture should not be rearranged or moved to a different location.  

C-12 Solicitation expanding section

Per UWS 18.11(8), No person may sell, peddle or solicit for the sale of goods, services, or contributions.  However, within certain limitations, specific designated spaces are available for these purposes through the reservations process.

SECTION D – GROUNDS expanding section
D-1 Access/Reservations expanding section

A reservation must be made for any planned event or activity on University grounds.  Events that have gone through the proper reservation process take precedence over any spontaneous use.

All activities or events must be conducted in such a manner that campus pedestrian, bicycle, and automobile traffic are not unreasonably impeded, and members of the University community who are not participating in the activity or event may proceed with their normal activity.

D-2 Camping expanding section

No form of overnight sleeping or camping is allowed.  Any exception to this must be requested through University Police.

D-3 Chalking expanding section

Spray chalk is not allowed. 

The only allowable place to utilize stick chalk is on sidewalks, but it may not be used in areas under overhangs.  It must only be used in places where rain would wash it away.

D-4 Cleanup expanding section

Sponsoring organizations are accountable for the cleanliness of all reserved spaces following their use.  Groups will be billed for cleanup that they do not adequately complete themselves and such other University services as may be required because of the activity of the sponsoring organization.

D-5 Digging expanding section

No digging is allowed on any of the University grounds.

D-6 Displays expanding section

Small scale display tables may be requested three days in advance.  Individuals or groups wishing to use outdoor facilities shall request such use with the University Reservations & Events Office in writing via this form (Outdoor Event/Display Registration), no less than two weeks in advance of the event. 

D-7 Fires expanding section

Burning of any type is not allowed on University grounds except when University Police permission has been granted through a burning permit.  Residence hall students and staff, in addition to University Dining, may utilize gas or charcoal grills in designated areas.  The gas fire pit at the student union is also exempted.

D-8 Limitations expanding section

Due to weather considerations, outdoor events on the grounds and display tables at the clock tower are not allowed from November 1st through the week of Spring Break.  Weather permitting, events and displays may resume the Monday following Spring Break.

 The University reserves the right to cancel reservations based on the weather and condition of the grounds.  Any activity which might cause damage to the turf may have to be rescheduled or cancelled. 

D-9 PA/amplification/noise expanding section

All requests for outdoor use of amplifying and public address systems must go through the University Reservations & Events manager. Each request will be considered on an individual basis.  Use will be restricted when adjacent instructional/office facilities would be disrupted. 

Appropriate equipment, location and sound pressure levels fall under the direction of University Reservations and Events support staff.  Any activities with the potential for causing disruption to instructional activity due to noise will not be allowed.

An exemption exists for Residence Life programs in and around the residence halls.

 Any event which may affect the community adjacent to UWL is subject to the City of La Crosse Municipal Code Sec.32-134, 135, and 137

D-10 Paint expanding section

Paint ball, color runs, paint parties, and other paint related activities are not allowed out of concern for the grounds and facilities. 

D-11 Services expanding section

Any request for services such as staging, chairs, tables, power, water, etc. must be done far enough in advance to determine the feasibility and associated costs. After reserving a location, the customer must initiate a work order request through the iServiceDesk Request Form.

D-12 Signs – Directional expanding section

For large events with a significant number of guests, a plan for directional signage must be discussed with the director of Facilities Management.

D-13 Signs – Publicity expanding section

Event and other publicity signage is not allowed adjacent to academic buildings or on University grounds.  Check with the facility reservations manager for requests in non-academic buildings.

D-14 Slacklining & Hammocks expanding section

Trees on University grounds may not be used for slacklining activities or for hammocks.  This will be enforced by University Police.

D-15 Structures expanding section

No person may place or erect any facility or structure upon university lands unless authorized by the chief administrative officer.

D-17 Tents & Stakes expanding section

Stakes or posts may not be driven into the ground using a hammer, mallet, post driver or any other mechanical means unless coordinated and approved by Facilities Management.  Due to the extensive network of power, networking, gas and water infrastructure underground, all requests for utilizing tents/stakes or other related setups must be done a minimum of two weeks in advance through the University Landscape Services Supervisor.

D-18 Vehicles expanding section

Vehicles are not allowed on pedestrian walkways or roads closed to through traffic.  Any exception to this must be approved by Parking Services or through University Police.  Vehicles may not drive on the grass at any time.  Damage to irrigation systems will be billed to the sponsoring group.

E-1 Event approval expanding section

The University Risk Management Office must be consulted when an event or activity may have special financial or safety risks. The reservations manager will work with customers to establish when this is appropriate.

E-2 Event Insurance expanding section

Depending on the nature of the event, appropriate insurance coverage, as determined by the University Risk Management Office, may need to be purchased.  Proof of the required coverage naming UW-La Crosse as an insured party must be provided.

E-3 External customers expanding section

Before a confirmation can be finalized for external customers, they must agree to the conditions in the following form:  Uniform Statement of Responsibility, Release, and Authorization for Use of University Facilities

 In addition, insurance coverage, as outlined in E-2 may be required. Fundraising for political purposes is not allowed per WI State Statute, Chapter 11.36:

 WI State statute Chapter 11.36 (3) Political Solicitation involving publicofficials…(3) Every person who has charge or control in a building, office or room occupied for any purpose by this state…shall prohibit the entry of any person into that building, office or room for the purpose of making or receiving a contribution.

F-1 Federal, State and Local Government Events expanding section

Public open forums & listening sessions:

 Representatives currently in office may utilize University facilities for open forums and listening sessions.

There is no cost for facilities or equipment, but incidental fees will be assessed.

 Campaigning is not allowed during events under this heading.

F-2 Campaigning expanding section

The use of University facilities by a candidate, or a high profile person speaking or performing on behalf of a candidate or party, for a political campaign event is based on Wis. Admin. Code Chapter UWS 21. Under this section, the use of University facilities by any person or organization not associated with UW-La Crosse is permitted only under these circumstances:

  •  The event can not detract from the mission of the institution and/or interfere with the use of the UW facilities by campus groups.
  • Any related fees are the responsibility of the candidate and must be paid in advance of the event unless waived by the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • Must be sponsored by a recognized student organization.
  • Fundraising is not allowed.
F-3 Debates expanding section

The event must be free and open to everyone with no restrictions.

An appropriate venue must be available to meet the probable size of the crowd.

The sponsor is responsible for crowd management.

Costs related to production, staffing, or other needs are the responsibility of the sponsor.

F-4 Fundraising expanding section

Fundraising for political purposes is not allowed per WI State Statute, Chapter 11.36: WI State statute Chapter 11.36 Political Solicitation involving public officials

(3) Every person who has charge or control in a building, office or room occupied for any purpose by this state…shall prohibit the entry of any person into that building, office or room for the purpose of making or receiving a contribution.

SECTION G – RATES & FEES expanding section
G-2 Incidental expanding section

Incidental fees apply to all customer categories on a case by case basis.  Fees in this category may include but are not limited to:  

  • Extending beyond a building’s normal hours of operation
  • Regular and overtime labor
  • Equipment rental and/or transportation
  • Loss of or damage to equipment, facilities, furniture, or grounds
  • Extraordinary cleaning and/or waste removal
  • Extraordinary setups, unexpected room resetting, significant last-minute setup changes, and failure to cancel rooms requiring setups.
H-1 Reservations deadlines expanding section

Reservations should be requested before 3pm the business day before the meeting/event and will be confirmed based on availability.  Although later reservations cannot be guaranteed, requests for unforeseen meetings within the regular operating hours of the building, and involving no catering or set-up, will be provided when possible.

Late requests must be made by calling the reservations office.

H-2 Customer Categories expanding section

The reservations manager reserves the right to determine the event customer category based on the details provided by the requesting party. 

Category A expanding section

Reservations sponsored* by UW-La Crosse RSO, administrative or academic units, or WI state agencies.  For events that require payment of any fees, the departmental chair/director or designee must request the reservation.

*Sponsored Reservation:  In order for an event to be considered sponsored, the sponsor must meet the following conditions:

  • The event is a clear extension of the University/department/organization mission.
  • Sponsor is responsible for making the reservation, planning, implementing, and actively overseeing the event. 
  • Sponsor assumes financial responsibility for related fees.

If any of these conditions are not met, the event reservation will fall into Customer Category B, along with the related fees.


Events by and for the UW-La Crosse community. Events open to the public that are non-revenue generating:  lectures, debates, and films presented as an extension of a departmental or office mission.

 Meetings and other official business for the UW-System and Wisconsin state agencies (see exceptions under category A2)

Associated fees:






At cost


Camps, conferences, workshops, testing, non-degree classes, and events for external groups which are not open to the public (both revenue and non-revenue generating)

 Associated fees:




50% full rate

50% full rate

At cost


Category B expanding section

Reservations sponsored by persons or organizations not associated with UW-La Crosse.  This includes UW-La Crosse students, faculty, and staff for events not associated with UW-La Crosse.  

Classroom spaces are generally not available for events under this customer category.

Customers in this category must sign the “Uniform Statement of Responsibility, Release, and Authorization for Use of University Facilities” before a reservation is confirmed  Some events may also require specific liability insurance as determined by the UW-La Crosse Risk Management Office.

All groups in this category are required to pay the WI state sales tax on the total amount.  Exemption is available to groups who submit a valid copy of their FEIN non-profit tax exempt document.

Associated fees:




Full rate

Full rate

At cost

H-3 Reservations management expanding section

The staff members responsible for making reservations will determine appropriate facility utilization along with any limitations based on the following:

  • Expected attendance, crowd management, and safety/liability issues
  • Scope of setup needs
  • Catering Needs
  • Timing and duration of event
  • Timing of the request
  • Customer priority ranking of the proposed facility space
H-4 Academic scheduling expanding section

All class scheduling will follow the process set forth by the Records & Registration Office.  Records & Registration maintains control of scheduling all academic spaces (excluding conference rooms) through the first week of classes for each semester and session.

 Academic courses, exams, and review sessions must be scheduled in GPR classroom facilities.  Any special request to schedule a class in a PR facility (Student Union, REC, etc.) would have to be approved by the facility director, and standard room rental rates would apply.


Records & Registration

University Reservations & Events

Initial class scheduling     



All classroom scheduling changes



Final exam changes (changing or adding)

Requires approval by the Provost’s Office



Computer Classrooms



Reservations for events, meetings, review sessions, thesis presentations, etc.#




# Classroom scheduling takes precedence through the 1st week of classes for each semester.  Classroom reservations can’t be made until after the first week of class.

H-5 Event reservations expanding section

The following table lists the offices responsible for reservations:


Reservations Contact

Academic Building Standard Classrooms

Scheduling for credit instruction is coordinated by the Registrar’s Office.  All other reservations coordinated by University Reservations & Events

Academic Building Classrooms: Computer

Registrar’s Office

Academic Building Classrooms:  Distance Education

(Wing 24, 31, 102, 104)


Annett Recital Hall



Music Department for departmental reservations


University Reservations & Events for non-departmental use.




Art Gallery



Music Department for departmental reservations


University Reservations for non-departmental use.


Cartwright Center

University Reservations





Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

University Reservations & Events


Conference Rooms (non-departmental)

University Reservations & Events


Frederick Theater


Music Department for departmental reservations


University Reservations & Events for non-departmental use.

Intramural/Practice Fields & Tennis Courts



Departmental Offices

Mitchell Hall:   Fieldhouse, Gym, Dance Studio, Pool, Wrestling Room


Murphy Library:  Institute for Campus Excellence (ICE) Rooms 150 & 153


Murphy Library:  Smartboard Rm, Seminar Rm, Library Instruction


Parking Facilities

University Parking Manager

REC – Recreational Eagle Center

Rec. Sports Director

Residence Hall Facilities

Residence Life Office

H-6 Facility-specific policies expanding section

Academic Facilities:

 Conference Rooms -Conference rooms within academic buildings are not available for class scheduling.

Alternate Final Exam Scheduling -All requests to alter a scheduled final exam time must first be approved through the Provost’s Office. The Provost will forward all approved requests to Records & Registration to see if appropriate facilities are available.

Room Setup -Except for 3214 Centennial Hall, all furniture should be left in place.

Timing of Reservation Requests - Reservations should be requested no later than 3pm the business day before the meeting/event and will be confirmed based on availability.  Although later reservations cannot be guaranteed, requests for unforeseen meetings within the regular operating hours of the building, and involving no catering or set-up, will be provided when possible. Late requests should be made by calling the reservations office.

Reservable Hours -Reservations end ½ hour before a building closes

Extending Beyond Scheduled Hours of Operation- Events and meetings in academic buildings should take place during normal operating hours. Exceptions may be granted with the following conditions:

  • Requests must be made a minimum of 5 business days in advance of the event date.
  • In addition to custodial overtime fees for staffing during the event, fees may be included for cleaning and resetting of rooms.

Specific fees will vary depending on the spaces used, the condition of the rooms at the end of the event, and the timing of academic needs for the space.

Labs -General Academic departments have control over laboratory classrooms for safety and to protect their investment in the equipment. All requests to use labs must go through the specific department of the requested lab.

Theaters -

  • Toland: Due to the significant use of Toland Theater by Theatre Arts, it is not available for general use.
  • Frederick: Available when not needed for Theater Department use. Access depends on availability of staff. Arrangements are made through the Theater Department.
  • Annett: Available when not needed for Music Department use. Access depends on availability of staff. Arrangements are made through University Reservations & Events for non-departmental use.

Cartwright Center:

Display Table Reservations –

University Groups

  • Groups may reserve one table per building per day for up to three (3) days per week.  
  • Time limit is four (4) hours.
  • No posting is allowed on windows, doors, or walls.
  • The display/standing area may not extend into the walkway or into an adjacent tables area.
  • The assigned table must remain in its location.
  • Tables must be staffed at all times during the reservation period.
  • University group sponsorship of a non-university customer must be approved by a full-time University Reservations staff member prior to making the reservation request.  A student organization representative must arrange the reservation and include the name, phone number, and email of the contact person of the external group.
  • If available, a table may be reserved as an adjacent part of a Port O’ Call reservation.

Non-University Groups

  • Non-University groups may reserve one table per building per day for up to two (2) days per week.
  • University Centers’ staff reserves the right to reject reservation requests for products or services considered inappropriate for the setting (related to alcohol or tobacco, for example).
  • Cost is $75 per table each day for up to 8 hours, or $50 per table each day for up to four (4) hours.  There is no discount for multiple day bookings.
  • The assigned table must remain in its location.
  • Tables must be staffed at all times during the reservation period.
  • No posting is allowed on windows, doors, or walls.
  • The display/standing area may not extend into the walkway or into an adjacent tables area.
  • Credit card vendors have specific requirements that must be met.  Contact full-time University Reservations staff for details.

Timing of Reservation Requests – Rooms that require setup must be reserved two business days in advance of the requested date.

Rooms that do not require setup should be requested no later than the day before the event, by 3pm.

Room Setup - Moving Furniture/Additional Furniture

Furniture may not be moved from one space or room to another.  If you are concerned about your event and facility room capacity, please discuss with the facility reservations manager ahead of time.

Incidental Fees - May be charged for the following reasons:

  • Moving furniture from other locations
  • Requesting setup changes once the room has been set
  • Damaging the floor finish from moving furniture
  • Taking apart fixed setup rooms
  • Not cancelling a reservation that requires personnel setup time

Fixed Setup Rooms-Rooms with fixed furniture arrangements should not be rearranged.  All of these rooms are reserved with the assumption that they will be left in this fixed position.

Flexible Setup Rooms -Check with the facility reservations manager to determine available setup options.  Please allow for a minimum of three business days for smaller setups/changes and two weeks for large/complicated setups.  Late requests for a new reservation or to change an agreed upon setup may not be possible.  If possible, incidental fees will be assessed.

Centennial Hall

Catering spaces - Rooms available for partial catering service include:  Hall of Nations, Conference Room 3100, and Classrooms 3214.

Hall of Nations – The Office of International Education has first right to reservations for the following academic year through the Friday of Spring Break of the prior academic year.

Only one event per day is allowed in Hall of Nations.  Exceptions will be considered if a request for a 2nd event will utilize the same setup and there is enough time between events to accommodate logistics. 

Cleary Center

Availability:  Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm

The UW-L Foundation, Alumni, and Admissions Offices have first priority in reserving Cleary Center spaces.  Cleary is open to all other UW-L departmental groups for University related events.  The building is not available for non-UW-L sponsored events.

Only one event per day is allowed in all Cleary Center rooms except the Chancellor’s Dining Room.

All reservations should be made at least five business days in advance of the function.

Due to limited staffing, all setup details need to be finalized a minimum of 3 business days prior to the event. 

Staff will not be available for day-of setup changes/additions.

Multiple events are allowed in rooms with setups, but a secondary reservation must accept the original setup, and time must be allowed to clear catering, etc.

Reservations will not be accepted more than 6 months in advance.

Room Setup Limits:

  • Great Hall – 140 Banquet, 260 Theater, 48 Conference
  • Allen – 48 Banquet, 56 Theater 32 Conference
  • Chancellor’s Dining – 10 Conference

University Reservations reserves the right to set limits on the number of participants allowed and setup configurations based on fire safety/egress.

Coate & Drake Fields

Residence Life has first priority for reserving these spaces.  Other groups may reserve the space up to six weeks prior to their event.  Groups hosting large scale events that require contractual obligations or complicated logistics may make a special request up to six months before the event date.

The Residence Life Office has the right to refuse any event request that may damage the grounds or irrigation system.  They also reserve the right to ask a group to reschedule an event if the planned activity could cause damage due to weather and field conditions.  Any damage to the grounds or irrigation system will be charged back to the reserving group.

Residence Life Meeting & Conference Rooms

Requests for use of Residence Life classrooms and conference rooms must be requested through the Director of Residence Life.

H-7 Priority for Reservations & Scheduling expanding section

UW-La Crosse facilities (including buildings, adjacent grounds, and parking lots) are considered a resource of the University. 

Academic facilities are primarily intended to support continuing programs of instruction, research and diversified service to enrolled students.  They are not owned by individual departments or campus units but by the state of Wisconsin and are operated and maintained by the University’s Office of Facility Planning & Management, under the direction of the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance.

UW-La Crosse facilities shall be scheduled and managed in such a way as to maximize utilization for both instructional programs and other University mission-related events.

The priorities for use of UW-La Crosse facilities vary according to the type of facility, and the University has established the following hierarchy of priorities.  The listing under each facility indicates the priority given to the activity or user group where possible.  However, annual and long term commitments, by their nature, may preempt the strict priorities.  Requests for an exemption from these established priorities need to be directed to the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance. 

Auditoriums and Theatres

Frederick Theatre

  1. Theatre ArtsSchool of Arts and Communication
  2. All other UW-L departments and recognized organizations
  3. Customer Category B

Annett Recital Hall

  1. Music Department, faculty rehearsals, concerts, and events
  2. Rehearsals/concerts scheduled by music major/minor students and recognized music student organizations
  3. All other UW-L departments and recognized organizations
  4. Customer Category B

Cartwright Center

  1. Recognized Student Organizations. Weekly meeting reservations may be made for the following year beginning the Monday after Spring Break. Event reservations can be made up to 18 months away from the event date
  2. University departments and offices, including emeriti functions
  3. Customer Category B

Classroom/Instructional Space

  1. Academic Courses
  2. Academic meetings, review sessions, and exams
  3. Departmental-sponsored lectures
  4. Non-academic meetings and events
  5. Customer Category B

Cleary Alumni & Friends Center

  1. Foundation and Alumni events
  2. All other UW-L sponsored events

Fields:  Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Rec/North Campus Rec

Priority for all of these locations will be given first to the main user, as noted in the name of the venue.  In ALL cases, care and condition of the natural grass surface in each venue will always be considered when scheduling non-primary user requests.  There is no guarantee of acquiring a reservation to these facilities for anyone outside of the primary users.

ICE Rooms

  1. Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff     Professional Development
  2. Academic Affairs and Related Units
  3. Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff Meetings and Receptions
  4. All other UW-L sponsored events (considered on a case-by-case basis)
  5. Customer categories A2 & B

Mitchell Fieldhouse & Veterans’ Memorial Field Sports Complex*

Timing of requests may impact priority.  The Outdoor Facilities reserves the right to lower a group's priority status because of short notice.

  1. Academic Programming
  2. Athletic Competition
  3. Athletic Practice
  4. Camps & Clinics
  5. Rec/Club Sports
  6. General Student Requests
  7. Customer Category B

*The primary user of this facility is UW-L Football.  For the use of the turf field, general priority will be used in most cases. 

Parking Facilities

  1. Parking for permit holders
  2. Special event parking by contract with UW-L departments
  3. Special events parking by contract with other organizations or groups
  4. Day permits

Recreational Eagle Center

  1. UW-L Classes and intramural sports
  2. UW-L student, faculty, staff
  3. UW-L sponsored events
  4. Customer Category B

Residence Life Facilities

  1. Students living in the residence halls
  2. University groups paying for use of facilities
  3. Customer Categories A2 & B

University Grounds (Coate Field, Drake Field, Gazebo, Hoeschler Tower, Lindner Forest/Gazebo, CFA Lawn, Wittich East/West Fields)

  1. UW-L sponsored events & Instruction-related activities (Residence Life has priority for use of Coate and Drake Field)
  2. Open recreation
  3. Customer Category B