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Are you planning an event with University Centers?

Whether you are a UWL department, student organization, or a community group visiting campus, the University Centers staff is here to assist you throughout the planning process! Please take a look below at some of the resources available to you when planning your event. 

If you need additional information or have any further questions, please contact us at 608.785.8888 or reservations@uwlax.edu. We look forward to working with you! 

Inquire about available space on campus with University Reservations on the Make a Reservation page.

UWL departments and student organizations may reserve space up to 18 months in advance. Community groups may reserve space up to 12 months in advance. 

Contact: reservations@uwlax.edu. | 608.785.8888 

If you plan to invite people under the age of 18 to your event, be sure to discuss your plans to your reservations contact to ensure compliance.

UWL groups must complete an Event Submission survey on MyOrgs for your fundraiser to be approved.  More questions may be asked, prior to approval.  Only those with editing rights on MyOrgs will have access to the Event form.  

Get approval for copyright compliance before confirming your event. Find UWL copyright information here.

Contact: univcenters@uwlax.edu | 608.785.8888

IMPORTANT: Any food and beverage at a meeting or event must be provided by UWL Catering unless approval to self-cater has been granted.

If you are using university funds to place your catering order, you must receive approval from the Business Services Office in advance: Food Expense Approval Form.

If you plan to have alcohol served at your event, you must receive approval in advance. Contact Kelly Kamrowski to start the approval process.

Option 1: Place a catering order with UWL Catering via Catertrax at least 5 business days in advance

Student organizations only: You may also order from the Student Menu. This option allows you to pick up and clean up your own order for a discounted price. This order must also be placed at least 5 business days in advance.

Option 2 is for UWL Departments and student organizations only: Campus groups can get permission to bring in snacks for meetings and events where 100% of the attendees will be UWL faculty/staff/students. The Request for Approval to Self-Cater form must be submitted 2 business days in advance.

Contact: reservations@uwlax.edu.

UWL groups may submit a request to the Event Funding Assistance Committee at least 3 weeks in advance. 

Criteria for EFAC

Contact: univcenters@uwlax.edu | 608.785.8888

Be sure to communicate your needs to University Reservations. UWL groups should also seek assistance with the contract if needed.

Contact: univcenters@uwlax.edu | 608.785.8888

Work with your University reservations contact to make arrangements.

Click here for more UWL parking information

Be sure to communicate your needs and ask for a pricing estimate. You can browse potential options on the Audio Visual Lighting Support page.

Be sure to utilize the resources below: 

Campus Publicity Guidelines

COVE Graphics Garage
Design & printed materials (flyers, posters, buttons, logos, etc.)

UWL Events Calendar: University Communications

Digital Signage: All student Orgs must have their event posted on MyOrgs prior to submitting a digital sign.)

Tabling in the U and Whitney Center: University Reservations

MyOrgs: The COVE 

UWL has moved to a cashless campus.  If your organization is hosting an event and will need to raise money may be able to do so using the Collecting Dues form, please reach out at least 2 weeks in advance and if you have any questions:

Contact: univcenters@uwlax.edu | 608.785.8888

Be sure to review the policies and communicate your plans to your University Reservations contact.

Requests must submitted at least 2 weeks before you would like tickets go on sale. Visit the ticket page for more information.

Contact: univcenters@uwlax.edu | 608.785.8888

Request one online at least 2 weeks in advance. IPods can also be checked out for use with the readers. 

iServiceDesk is used to request table and chair rentals. 

Contact: Facilities Planning & Management or 608.785.8585