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Research in the Rotunda

The UW-System hosts "Research in the Rotunda" - A Celebration of Undergraduate Student Research. Up to six posters from each UW campus are invited to present their poster presentations at the Capitol Rotunda. Members of the Board of Regents, UW System Administration, legislators, and representatives of the Governor's Office are invited to view the displays. The Undergraduate Research program covers the registration and transportation costs for students selected to attend this annual spring event.

New in 2022: students selected to present will have the option to provide a 3- to 5-minute presentation video in addition to their poster.

Students interested in attending should send an email containing the following information to be considered to represent UWL at the event:

  • Student presenter(s):
  • Student author(s): (do not include those who are listed as presenters)
  • Mentor's name:
  • Mentor's department:
  • Poster title:
  • Abstract (written for a general audience):

The information must be submitted to with "Research in the Rotunda - (student's last name)" in the subject line no later than the first Friday of December. If your poster is selected, registration information will be sent to the student(s) and their mentor during the Winter Session.

Research in the Rotunda for 2024 will be Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at the Capitol in Madison.