Business Administration program

Undergrad minor

Get the business background you need.

UW-La Crosse’s Business Administration Undergraduate Student Minor allows non-business majors to gain an understanding of the functional aspects of business and organizations. Students develop practical, managerial, and business decision-making skills through a core set of business courses including accounting, economics, management, and marketing.

The business administration minor is available to any student outside the College of Business Administration.

Gain a competitive edge

A business minor provides a competitive advantage in the workplace as students gain an understanding of what is going on behind the scenes of business.

It is also an excellent choice for students with entrepreneurial aspirations related to their major program area of study. For instance, many exercise and sport science majors pursue the minor, which increases their understanding of what it takes to run a fitness center or become a personal trainer.

Students who choose a business administration minor come from diverse backgrounds and career aspirations. The largest number of students come from exercise and sport science, followed by communication studies. Other majors include computer science, biology, statistics, geography, chemistry, microbiology, mathematics, public administration, public health and community health education, sociology, Spanish, and therapeutic recreation.

What distinguishes the business administration minor?

Customize the minor based on interest

In addition to taking core courses in business, students may choose electives that align with their interests and future career needs. For instance, chemistry and biology majors interested in pharmacy sales may decide to take professional selling as an elective.

Assistance in course selection

The College of Business Administration Dean’s Office assists students in selecting their business minor courses to ensure they meet student’s overarching career objectives.

Attainable addition

The minor is 24-25 credits. If students declare the minor early in their academic career, these credits can easily be incorporated into their major without need for additional semesters of study.

Sample courses