Department Chair

Academic Department Associate

Department people

Samantha Foley  Profile of Samantha Foley  Meet with me

Associate Professor
220 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

High-performance computing, scientific computing, diversity in computing, C, Python, SQL

Elliott Forbes  Profile of Elliott Forbes  Meet with me

Assistant Professor
219 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

C, Assembly, Verilog, Computer Architecture, Digital Design, Computer Engineering

Dipankar Mitra  Profile of Dipankar Mitra

Assistant Professor
209 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

C, MATLAB, MIPS, RF-Embedded systems, RF and Microwave Engineering in Medicine, 3D-printed RF circuits and systems, Transformation electromagnetics/optics, Metamaterials, and Machine Learning.

W. Michael Petullo  Profile of W. Michael Petullo

Assistant Professor
210 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

Software and network security

Operating system design and implementation

Open-source software development

Allison Sauppe  Profile of Allison Sauppe

Associate Professor
214 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Computer Interaction