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Undergraduate program

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Military Science

Undergrad minor

The ROTC program is not an academic major. Instead, ROTC courses — open to all undergraduates — are taken in conjunction with the regular academic subjects required for an undergraduate degree. Joining ROTC is simply a matter of registering for one of the military science classes. 

Our Military Science Minor has much crossover with the ROTC program but is multifaceted when it comes to professional application. The electives exhibit the general understanding of how to lead, have a fair understanding of politics as well as the current state of world politics, and knowing the history of other countries.

Minor Requirements

(All Colleges)

21 Credits

ROTC Students must complete the Advanced Camp Course (no credit). Non-ROTC students must complete a three credit community leadership internship (CEI 450).

Code Title Credits
Core 15
MS 301 Training Management and Warfighting Functions 3
MS 302 Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations 3
MS 401 Leadership and Management 3
MS 402 American Military History 3
MS 403 Company Grade Leadership 3
Electives 6
Select 6 credits (two courses) from the following:
ANT 215 Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Transnational Communities 3
ANT 375 Language, Power, and Inequality 3
CST 310 Debate 3
CST 333 Lying and Deception in Human Interaction 3
CST 380 Communicating Leadership 3
ECO 120 Global Macroeconomics 3
ENG 307 Writing for Management, Public Relations and the Professions 3
FIN 207 Personal Finance 3
GEO 307 Power, Space, and Global Change 3
HIS 240 Survey of Modern Europe 3
HIS 335 History of China 3
HIS 339 Russia and the Soviet Union 3
HIS 407 Government and Society 3
PHL 337 Social and Political Philosophy 3
POL 224 International Relations 3
POL 350 American Political Theory 3
Total Credits 21


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