Prairie Springs Science Center Completion Project

It all starts here.
Then, Wisconsin benefits.

Support the Prairie Springs Science Center Completion/Cowley Hall Demolition Project

The issue.

Completion of the Prairie Springs Science Center is critically needed now. Cowley Hall has worse learning spaces than almost all of the state’s high schools. The project provides 30 innovative science learning spaces for our quality faculty to mold in-demand Wisconsin STEM and health workers — helping Wisconsin’s economy grow.

Ryan Sands

Geography, environmental science concentration/Earth Science

"This should build networking with local employers and provide training on potential career fields for future students."

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It’s the perfect prescription for success.

UWL’s faculty continue to earn state and national teaching awards. Let’s increase the capacity for educating Wisconsin’s brightest!

Emily Botten


"Today, I work with research that is critical to Wisconsin residents’ health and safety, and I could not be prouder to be doing so. Not only do I get to have a positive impact on the global pandemic, but also on issues that are hyper endemic to my community such as Blastomycosis and Lyme disease."

Working to make Wisconsin work.

UWL continues to expand partnerships with state businesses and other UW campuses through the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin. We’re also helping K-12 teachers get innovative, hands-on science experiences to inspire and prepare Wisconsin’s next generation!

Maureen Vorwald

Physical education/corporate fitness

"While at UW-La Crosse, I learned the importance of having a strong work ethic, good time management skills, and being a positive and clear communicator."

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Partnerships back it up. Graduates provide workers statewide.

UWL students contribute to the state’s vast health economy with hundreds of internships and preceptorships.

Other science and health graduates are helping Wisconsin prosper. A few partners:

  • Advocate Aurora Health
  • American Family
  • Brennan
  • EPIC
  • Gundersen Health System
  • Kwik Trip
  • Marshfield Clinic
  • Mayo Clinic Health System
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Trane

Carl Klubertanz

Recreation Management

"If you want a good experience with faculty that have those connections to those working within your field, I would take a look at what UWL has to offer."

Strong enrollment is answering the call.

UWL — one of only two UW System campuses with consistent growth in the past decade — continues to help the state meet demand for health and science majors. Our grads are helping to fill STEM workforce needs as Wisconsin science jobs grow a projected 37% this decade

Jenna DeShaney

Geography, environmental Science concentration

"UWL prepared me for the workforce by incorporating appropriate lessons, skills and technology to the classes."

We’ve heard the arguments against the building. Here are the facts.

“It’s just another office building.”

Wrong. The Prairie Springs Science Center Completion/Cowley Hall Demolition Project provides a range of instructional spaces — from 25 seats to 150 — designed for active learning and innovation. We need classrooms for group collaboration where tables or desks can move and not be, literally, bolted to the floor. Let’s get more STEM students trained now!

“It’s hard for universities to adjust to today’s business needs.”

Not so. UWL is working directly with regional business owners — like the new Memorandum of Understanding with J.F. Brennan. It’s getting student researchers on the Mississippi to shape their studies for Brennan and other businesses — keeping Wisconsin’s economy strong.

“The project lacks skin-in-the-game.”

Not true. There isn’t private money for bricks and mortar, but there is for student learning and research. More than $5 million in private funding has been given for innovation learning since the initial phase of the project opened. That’s just the start! The funds allow both students and faculty opportunities to conduct innovative science and health research to make Wisconsin better and more productive. 

Did you know?

UWL science grads stay in Wisconsin and support the state’s economy

Just under 87% of College of Science and Health 2010 and 2015 graduates reported to live in Wisconsin at least one year after graduation.

UWL College of Science and Health students graduate in an average of 4.1 years

This means they're getting out into Wisconsin’s workforce to address the state’s much-needed STEM and health workers.

Phase II promises to generate more private funding and partnerships

New classrooms and lab areas promise to inspire additional private research and experiential learning funding, along with additional partnerships to help local business prosper.

Strong support from community businesses

Among the supporting organizations

  • Gundersen Health System
  • Kwik Trip
  • La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Mayo Health System
  • 7Rivers Alliance
  • Xcel Energy

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