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Assessment Commons

A page within Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning (CATL)

Assessment Commons 2024: LENS

This event will be held on Wednesday, January 17, 2024 from 8:30-10:20 and 12:30-4:30pm in The Union.

8:30-8:40am Union 3110 Breakfast and Chit Chat Vegetarian breakfast options will be available along with coffee and tea.
8:35-8:40am Union 3110 Breakfast and Welcome: Kristin Koepke, CATL Director This event is created to support you as we transition our university and ourselves to being reflective practitioners and using LENS results as part of the reflective process. We invite you to join us at this event with your first round of LENS reports in hand. The event is created and structured to support time for learning about various techniques while also providing time to ponder, write, question, and discuss aspects of LENS reports.
8:40-9:20am Union 3110 The Change to LENS and Reflective Teaching At this event, we invite you to be part of the discussion about how LENS provides an opportunity to shift our campus culture to using student feedback in more meaningful and useful ways. We will share why LENS can help with that shift and how the LENS feedback gives us opportunity for intentional reflection. And, why that is a GOOD thing!
9:20 - 10:20am Union 3110 Interpreting the LENS Items

This time will be used to share ideas for understanding themes and connections with and/or between the various LENS items, and considering how different parts of the LENS can be used to inform and contextualize other parts of the results.

10:20am - 12:30pm BREAK BREAK Break to allow participants to attend remarks by Interim Chancellor Morgan + chili lunch - Bluffs Room, Union 
12:30pm - 4:30 pm  Union 3310 

Personal review, consult, discuss, plan! 

Use this time to:

  • (re)review the LENS results you received from one course
  • make notes/ask questions/make a plan regarding these results
  • discussion with colleagues ways to work through and discuss you own data, as willing, and connect with others about how to contextualize results
  • consult with CATL staff to facilitate a plan and share own examples/data/interpretations, as needed

Join for any or all of this time.