First day of class

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Brief description 

Having a great first day of class can:

  • Get students excited about course material.
  • Give students confidence that they can succeed in class.
  • Alleviate fear and anxiety on the part of students.
  • Allow the instructor to demonstrate they care about student learning.
  • Help build student-to-student and student-to-instructor connections.  

What students say they want on the first day of class:

  • To learn about the course difficulty (e.g., amount of work required, tips on how to do well).
  • Professional information about instructor (e.g., how to address instructor, grading standards).
  • The class content & structure (e.g., info on syllabus, required readings).  
  • Procedural details (e.g., is attendance required, academic integrity information).


Below are a variety of activities UWL instructors use to enhance their first day of class and their thoughts on the impacts those activities have:

Tips to have a great first day of class

  • Perform activities where students get to know each other.
  • Try and use some humor and lightheartedness on the first day.
  • Encourage students to ask questions of you, the instructor.
  • Perform activities that reinforce that course content is relevant to the lives of students and/or future careers.
  • Share study tips and strategies that can help students be successful in the class.  


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