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Volunteer requirements

A page within Youth Programs


UWL, via the Division Youth Protection Liaison (DYPL) and in collaboration with the Activity Director, determines categorization of volunteers into one of two categories that determine Criminal Background Check (CBC) and training requirements. Any adult assisting with a covered youth activity is considered a volunteer. Volunteers must complete the respective training and CBCs prior to assisting with an event.

Authorized Adult

Authorized Adults: individuals aged 18 and over, paid or unpaid, who are authorized to interact with youth participants as part of a covered activity. An authorized adult is not counted toward the supervision ratio for a covered activity and, therefore, has fewer training requirements. Authorized adults cannot have unsupervised access to minors. Authorized adults are not required to complete CBC for youth protection purposes unless determined by the DYPL or Youth Protection Coordinator (YPC) to have required significant access (per Regent Policy Document 20-19).

Designated Individual

Designated Individuals: authorized adults who are counted in the supervision ratio for a covered activity. Designated individuals are responsible for ensuring the care and safety of youth participants in covered activities. This role operates in a supervisory capacity and has extended contact with minors. Any volunteer whose role within the program requires them to have unsupervised access to minors must be classified as a Designated Individual. Designated Individuals associated with University Custodial or Non-Custodial youth program are required to complete a CBC every four years in alignment with RPD 20-19.

Third-Party Non-Custodial or Custodial Youth Programs

Activity Directors for Third-Party Non-Custodial or Custodial Youth Programs must complete the Third-Party Youth Program Acknowledgement, which attests to the completion of CBC requirements by their volunteers. A third-party may rely upon their own CBC process to meet this requirement, or opt to assign UWL the responsibility of completing CBC on their behalf; expenses incurred for the CBC will be charged back to the third-party.