Training Program Information: Facilities Staff

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Occupational/environmental health and safety training protects and preserves UWL’s greatest asset: our people.

This page provides information and documents to be used by supervisors of facilities staff, as well as their staff, who work in academic buildings, residence halls and student centers.  Training information for other UWL employees is available here

The majority of courses will be conducted on the internet, through PureSafety's Learning and Safety Management System (LSMS).  UWL’s comprehensive program also incorporates methods to schedule and retain records for traditional face-to-face training conducted on or off-site.  UWL supervisors can use the below documents to implement a complete training program that will fill department specific needs and regulatory mandates.   

Please note that on-line and more traditional classroom training primarily enhances awareness.  The true test comes on the job site, when employees and supervisors visibly and verbally demonstrate their knowledge.  All employees and supervisors are encouraged to promote safety, health and environmental protection into their daily work, as well as providing positive words that encourage their co-workers when poor practices are witnessed.

Training Courses with Synopses (Provides course summary, identifies who should receive training, training method and other critical information.)  

Training and Documentation Process (Provides information that can help supervisors gain the full benefits of this training program.)

PureSafety’s Learning and Safety Management System (LSMS) (External link to online safety training service provider)

Course Key Code(List of all training courses and their assigned key code)

Training Roster Updates (Document used by supervisors to delete or add personnel from their supervisor specific training roster)