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Safety Data Sheets (SDS's)

A page within Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Safety data sheets (SDS's), formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's), are product safety information sheets prepared by manufacturers and marketers of chemical products. SDS's contain information on toxicity, first aid, personal protection controls, storage and handling precautions, spill and leak cleanup, disposal practices, transportation, physical data, and reactivity data.

UWL employees and students who are not able to locate an SDS electronically, can request a copy by contacting the Environmental Health and Safety Office.  Environmental Health and Safety maintains a master file of SDS's.

UWL personnel who receive SDS's should send a copy to the Environmental Health and Safety Office, located in Maintenance and Stores Building. 

UWL does not provide SDS's to personnel who are not employed or enrolled in courses at UWL.

SDS's are available to UWL employees and students through the following electronic resources.