Organizational Development: Custom Learning Solutions

Ensure your organization’s long-term growth and sustainability.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL) Extended Learning is committed to providing innovative solutions and learning opportunities to help organizations transform, produce and thrive. We offer results-driven professional development and consultation opportunities for organizations of all sizes to:

  • Attain your strategic goals
  • Build a leadership pipeline
  • Provide employees with tools to fulfill new roles and update skills
  • Develop critical business building activities
  • Engage in data-driven decision making
  • Maintain industry certifications

Our Services

UWL Extended Learning will meet with you to gain an understanding of your organization's purpose, current situation and future goals. We offer: 

  • Custom education solutions
    • Credit and Non-Credit
    • Face-to-face and online instruction
  • Conference services
    • Event planning and coordination, budget management, registration, marketing

Who we assist: 

  • Associations
  • Businesses
  • Non-profit groups
  • PK–16 Schools
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Human service organizations 
  • Government organizations

Online Professional Development Opportunities

K–12 Educators

Ongoing Social Justice Certificate of Completion for School Districts


Ongoing  Human Rights Policing Certificate of Completion

Health Educators & Behavioral Health Professionals

September 22 Wisconsin Health Education Network (WHEN) Annual Meeting (CECH and CEU options)
September 25–October 16 Health Education: Responsibilities, Competencies and Certification (CECHs, CEU and Credit options)
October 5–6 Reaching Toward Proficiency: Motivational Interviewing and Behavior Change (CECHs, CEU and NBCC CE Hour options)
November 19–20 Beyond the Basics: Recognizing and Amplifying Motivation for Positive Change (CECHs, CEU and NBCC CE Hour options)
December 15 Moving Your Motivational Interviewing Practice Skills Toward Excellence (CECHs, CEU and NBCC CE Hour options)