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Professional travel

A page within Graduate Education

Funding provided by Graduate Studies and the Student Senate is allocated to support attendance at conferences.  Each year there are multiple application deadlines. Please apply for travel funds during an application date at least 3 weeks prior to your conference date. Applications may be submitted between the deadlines, but must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the proposed travel. Please notify the Graduate Education office at prior to submission if you are submitting an application between two deadlines.

If more than one student will be traveling to the same conference, a group application must be submitted, so please try to coordinate within your program when considering a travel grant application. 

*Please be advised that to ensure reimbursement, all travel supported by a university grant must adhere to the University travel policy. 

Research and Creativity Symposium Presenters and Participants

Guidelines and submission

Applicants can access the Professional Travel Grants Guidelines and apply for funding by logging into the Graduate Grant Submission Canvas Site and locating the appropriate grant submission module. 

Please note:

This information should serve as a general overview of the reimbursement process.  Students are responsible for review of and adherence to all UW-travel policies and reimbursement requirements in order to receive funding.  Upon completion of travel, students will work with their department ADA to complete the reimbursement request process.