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Graduate & Extended Learning encourages you to explore your graduate school options, and we can answer any questions about applying to UWL. We also provide graduate student scholarships, events and grant opportunities. We are here for you throughout your UWL journey! 

Many UWL campus offices have personnel who work specifically with graduate students. Please visit this listing to find a contact point in specific areas. 


If you aren't sure where to start, reach out to Graduate & Extended Learning. We are here to help!


"Looking back, I'll just be thankful for the experiences: the friends I was able to make, the networks I was able to establish. I know that these people would always reach out to me and make sure that — wherever I am in ten years — I'm doing great."

Jesimiel Banjiram, Student Affairs Administration


A day in the life of a grad student

Our students were challenged to describe their graduate experience with one image and six words. Enjoy a glimpse of notable entries from our annual "Say it in 6" competition. 

Find out more about the opportunities offered through Graduate & Extended Learning for UWL graduate students.

Lia Landowski, Biology 2nd place Lia Landowski, Biology
Hannah Ketterhagen, Therapeutic Recreation 3rd place(2) Hannah Ketterhagen, Therapeutic Recreation
Kristina Morben, Biology 3rd place Kristina Morben, Biology
Gabrielle Strittmater, Physical Education Teaching 3rd place(3) Gabrielle Strittmater, Physical Education Teaching
Colin McAllister, Microbiology 3rd place(4) Colin McAllister, Microbiology
Kristen Baranowski, Biology People's Choice Kristen Baranowski, Biology
Cortney Cashner, Medical Dosimetry 3rd place(5) Cortney Cashner, Medical Dosimetry
Molly Censky, Student Affairs Administration and Leadership (Ed.D) 3rd place(6) Molly Censky, Student Affairs Administration and Leadership (Ed.D)
Hailey Struzynski, Occupational Therapy 3rd place(7) Hailey Struzynski, Occupational Therapy
Kristina Morben, Biology 3rd place(8) Kristina Morben, Biology


Learn about La Crosse

On-campus students benefit from the beauty of the Driftless Region with opportunities to participate in various outdoor activities, and a thriving downtown atmosphere.

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