The table below provides guidance and helpful links to help you navigate the grant process.

  UW System/WiSys Federal Non-federal
Funding sources UW System and WiSys grant programs Federal agencies Private funding agencies
Grant Resource Center (contact ORSP for log-in info)

COS database (contact ORSP for log-in info)
*****IMPORTANT***** Read the request for proposals (RFP) carefully, in its entirety.
Advise ORSP of your intent to submit Some grants require a Letter of Intent (LOI); for all others: 6 weeks prior to the submission deadline (see UWL webpage for grant specific information) Advise ORSP of your intent to submit 6 weeks prior to the submission deadline or as soon as the deadline is established by the agency
Timeline Will be recommended after you have advised ORSP of your intent Federal/non-federal grant submission timeline
Transmittal form UWL grant/contract transmittal form must have all required signatures prior to submission UWL grant/contract transmittal form must have all required signatures prior to submission
  UW System/WiSys Federal Non-federal
Budget - general See the budget page provided by the specific program Budget helper spreadsheet

Time and salary calculator
Budget - fringe benefits See the RFP and program website for information Must be included in the budget at prescribed rates. Contact ORSP if the RFP has limitations or exclusions.
Budget - indirect costs Not allowed Must be included at UWL's federally negotiated rate. Must be included at UWL's established non-federal rates. Contact ORSP if the RFP has limitations or exclusions.
Budget - travel

Mileage rates

Per diem rates for lodging and meals

Budget - modifications Contact ORSP for assistance, as process will vary based on grant program.  
  UW System Federal Non-federal
Compliance - general As required by project procedures and federal statute. Please refer to the compliance page for additional information. Note: The source of funds does not impact the requirements of compliance, except for Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR).
Compliance - FCOI   Public Health Service - a list of applicable agencies is available

All other federal agencies
If required by the funding agency, contact ORSP for assistance.
Compliance - RCR for NSF and USDA   NSF and USDA - required for student researchers  
Boilerplate   Impact statement

Data management plan (NSF)
Concept paper/letter of inquiry (LOI)
Frequently requested information   DUNS
EIN - contact ORSP (note - this is for grant submissions only. Students should contact the Cashier's Office if they need an EIN to use for tax purposes.
Proposal submission

ORSP recommends submitting your grant no later than 3 business days prior to the deadline. Typically, sponsors do not allow a grace period during which errors can be corrected. Therefore, submissions occurring after the recommended timeframe will be at the investigator's own risk, as ORSP cannot guarantee that errors can be corrected in time to allow for a successful proposal submission.

Applications submitted prior to full institutional approval may be withdrawn. If funded, award acceptance for such applications will be contingent upon institutional review and approval. If award conditions or aspects of the proposed project do not meet institutional requirements, the award will be declined. Individual PIs/co-PIs are not authorized to sign off on application components on behalf of the university; applications must be reviewed by appropriate personnel and approved by signatories designated by UWL leadership.

Funding decision Please forward any funding decision notices (letters or emails) that you receive to ORSP .
Post award account set-up and assistance   Budget Office Grant Accountant
Post award modifications Budget Office Post Award Modifications Guidelines