UWL copyright policy

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n general, individuals producing instructional materials such as books, texts, glossaries, bibliographies, study guides, laboratory manuals, syllabi, tests, lectures, musical or dramatic compositions; and unpublished scripts; films, filmstrips, slides, computer software, etc., may retain ownership and control of such items. There is one exception to this general policy: If the individual's contract with the University or job description specifically calls for the development or creation of copyrightable materials, then the copyright and attendant royalties shall be retained by the University. This exception can be waived by specific agreement between the author and the Chancellor or his/her representative. If funding from an external source results in a copyrightable product, the rules and regulations of the funding agency shall apply. If UWL or UW System funding results in a copyrightable product, an agreement between the University (the Chancellor or his/her designee) and the author for ownership should be negotiated before submission of a proposal, if possible, and incorporated in the body of the proposal. The policies of the funding agency must be followed when copyrightable material is developed under any extramural project.