Marshfield Clinic Health System

Marshfield, Wisconsin

Marshfield Clinic Health System is a rural academic and research health system with over 80 medical specialties.  There are approximately 800 physicians that provide care over 50 locations throughout Wisconsin. Marshfield Clinic is the largest private group medical practice in Wisconsin. 

At the Marshfield Center:

  • 2 Rad Onc departments at the Marshfield Center (one hospital based and one clinic based)
    • Pediatric and Adult populations
  • Varian TrueBeam with Advanced Imaging and FFF Features, Rapid Arc technology
  • Varian PerfectPitch 6 degrees of freedom couch
  • Vision RT
    • Deep Inspiration Breath Hold
    • Respiratory Gating
  • Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
  • Eye plaque Brachytherapy
  • Aria Record and Verify
  • Pinnacle planning system
  • 2 Philips Big bore CTs
  • Varian Silhouette (only for inpatients and on call treatments)
  • Tomotherapy (not in clinical use)
  • High Dose Rate brachytherapy, Savii
  • Perfexion Gamma Knife
  • 5 Radiation Therapists, 2 Radiation Oncologist, 2 Medical Physicists, 1 Dosimetrist, 2 nurses, 1 MA
  • Treat about 25-30 patients a day
  • Therapists take call

Education Director is:

Mindy Kren, BS, RT(T)