1. A Selection Committee will be appointed by the Advisory Committee to review all completed applications, interview qualified candidates and make selection decisions.
  2. Following application review and interview, applicants will be ranked and the applicants scoring highest will be offered placement in the major up to the class capacity.
  3. Students selected are asked to confirm in writing their intention to pursue the major.
  4. A list of alternates may be maintained pending withdrawal of a previously selected student.  Placement of an alternate will depend on the timing of student withdrawal creating an opening and whether the student would be able to take the required Professional Core Courses.
  5. Acceptance is effective at the beginning of the junior year conditional upon successful completion of courses in progress at the time of notification of acceptance.
  6. Students who successfully meet program requirements in the junior year, professional core courses will interview at each of the clinical sites for the senior internship.  Placement will be determine using a "match system" that takes into account both student and clinical site preferences.

Strengthening your application

Students are encouraged to download the program's application and examine the different sections required by the program.  This provides insight into areas considered important; areas in which the student can strengthen their application.  Such areas or sections include:

  • having previous patient-care healthcare experience (CNA, EMT, pharmacy tech, phlebotomist, radiographer, etc.)
  • having healthcare volunteering experience
  • participating in campus professional organizations (RT Club, Colleges Against Cancer, Relay for Life).