Navigate Student Success System – UWL Timeline


Fall 2019

  • Professional advisors and a pilot group of faculty will start using the advising and communication aspects of the system.
  • Eagle Alert suspended, temporary Early Alert system in place

Spring 2020

  • Advising and communication aspects for faculty, instructors, and applicable student affairs, diversity & inclusion, and enrollment services units.
  • Early Alert notices (instructor/students) will be available through Navigate

Spring and Summer 2020 registration for Fall 2020:

  • Students will be officially introduced to Navigate and its features (desktop and app).

Training will be provided for all individuals interested in using Navigate. For instructors and faculty, January 2020 is the target time for training

Questions can be directed to and/or Jo Arney or Chris Stindt.

Why did we join Navigate?
The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL) is among the other UW System comprehensive
campuses joining Navigate to improve campus engagement, retention, and graduation rates.
Improving our communication strategies and expanding our use of predictive analytics will
help ensure that students who enroll at UWL stay enrolled, make timely progress toward a
degree, and graduate with a strong sense of purpose. While each student will ultimately define
what success means for them individually, as higher education professionals we have the
responsibility to do everything we can to make sure that they all have the opportunity to reach
their personal, academic, and professional goals.

What is Navigate?
Navigate combines technology, research, process improvement, and predictive analytics to help
educational institutions improve outcomes for all students, and particularly those at risk for not
reaching their goals.
It does so by improving our processes in three areas: 1) communications, 2) promoting
responsible, actionable use of data and predictive analytics, and 3) streamlining workflow.
 Improving how we communicate with our students by providing email and texting
options that let us reach out to individual students and targeted groups to provide
actionable information. We know that this type of proactive outreach has a direct and
positive impact on student success, and the Navigate offers us the tools we need to do
it consistently and well.
 Improving how we communicate with each other about our students. With one click,
you’ll be able to see the interactions your student has had with other professionals on
campus and contact additional team members who can provide necessary support.
Responsible, actionable use of data and predictive analytics:
 Identifying students at risk for not reaching their goals before problems become
insurmountable, which allows us to connect students to resources they need in time to
make a difference.
 Providing data that support useful, purpose-driven conversations between students
and their support network about the progress they’re making toward their degree.
 Offering sophisticated search options that allow individual users to quickly and easily
obtain actionable information about targeted groups of students that would previously
have required queries to Institutional Research.
Streamlining workflow:
 Enabling staff to spend more time providing direct student support and faculty on
teaching, mentoring, and research by simplifying administrative processes (e.g.,
writing reports and notes, scheduling appointments, communicating with students,
and preparing for meeting with students).
What outcomes do we hope to achieve by joining Navigate?
 Increase retention
 Improve four- and six-year graduation rates
 Reduce overall time to degree
 Reduce and ultimately eliminate the retention and graduation gap for students of color
and students from low-income backgrounds
 Provide targeted, timely outreach to encourage students to engage more effectively with
academic advising, support services, and the campus community
 Improve communication among campus community members to support student success
 Increase student satisfaction with their experience
What is EAB?
EAB is a research and consulting company that is a leader in providing colleges and universities
with data analytics and communication platforms that support student success. Navigate is one of
their main products