Navigate Student App

Why Navigate?

Navigate is a Student Success Management System (SSMS) for higher education that helps schools proactively manage student success and retention. At UWL we aim to use the tools provided in the Navigate platform to create a Coordinated Care Network to support the needs of our students.

The Navigate Student app is available for students at UWL to support your academic experience.  You can schedule advising and tutoring appointments, view your class schedule, check out academic holds, and more!  The App can be downloaded at anytime by any UWL student. However, we particularly encourage it for undergraduates. Please see below for information on how to use the app.

navigate student app

Where you do you go to download the app? expanding section

The Navigate Student app is available in the Apple App Store here: 

And it's also available in the Google Play store for Android users here: 

Navigate app in the App store

What do you do once the app is downloaded? expanding section

After you download the app, you have to search for UWL.  Simply searching for "La Crosse" will find it! Next, log in with your UWL student ID and password.  Once you get access to the app it will ask you to take a quick survey to help us get to know you better.

Navigate Intake Survey

Can I access the Navigate Student app on my computer? expanding section

Yes, you can access the Navigate Student app on your computer if you don't have or don't want to use your smart phone:

What are to-dos? expanding section

To-Dos are notifications are helpful reminders of upcoming dates that are relevant to students.  Examples can include: the last day to withdraw from a course, when to pick up textbooks, when tuition is due, and more.

To-Do overviewTo-Do detail

How do I schedule an appointment in the app? expanding section

Select Advising for an advising appointment or Tutoring for tutoring.

App Care Unit

Next select a location for your appointment.

App advising location

Finally, select an advisor and a time.

App advisor and time

What are Study Buddies, and how to I opt in? expanding section

Study Buddies is a feature that allows you to connect with people who are taking the same courses as you.  If you opt in you will be able to message other students who have also opted in and then you figure out the best way to study together!

App Study Buddy

App Study Buddy 2

What UWL resources are available in the app? expanding section

Essentially you can find information about every campus resource that is available to you.  You'll be able to find out office locations, email addresses, phone numbers, and information about the basics of each office.App Resources

How do I view an academic hold? expanding section

During the registration period, some students will have a hold placed on their WINGS student account, which will prevent them from registering for courses for the upcoming semester.  The app will add a warning to the top of your home screen in your app if you have one of these holds.  If you click on the hold you can find out the basic information about how to resolve the hold.

App Holds

How do I view my class schedule? expanding section

To view your schedule simply select the "Class Schedule" icon on the home screen or the drop down menu.

Sample Schedule

What is PRO@UWL? expanding section

PRO@UWL allows instructors to provide students with feedback that will contribute to their overall success as a college student. PRO@UWL is designed to:

  • provide early feedback about academic progress concerns
  • increase communication between students and their instructors
  • remind students of UWL resources for student success.

What does this mean for me as a student.

  • Before mid-semester, students may receive an email notifying them that a PRO has been created by one of their instructors - log into Navigate to read the feedback.
  • Not all instructors may provide feedback via PRO. The use of PRO@UWL by instructors is highly encouraged, but it is voluntary.  Students are encouraged to speak to their instructors if they have questions about their progress in a course.