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PHL 100 - Introduction to Philosophy

Are you looking for answers to life's important questions? This course offers students an introduction to important conversations about philosophical topics such as the nature of reality, personal identity, freedom, knowledge, morality, religion, and social justice with the aim of students developing their own well-considered views.

Sheryl Tuttle Ross         TuTh  9:25 – 10:50

Daniel Schneider            TuTh  12:40 – 2:05

Sam Cocks                     MWF  8:50-9:45

PHL 101 - Introduction to Logic

This course offers students an introduction to several methods of logic: the science of reasoning. In this course, students examine the nature of statements and arguments, identify rules for distinguishing good arguments from bad, learn methods for constructing and testing proofs, and practice good reasoning in general.

Stewart Eskew           MW 3:55 – 5:20

PHL 201 - Ethical Theory & Practice

This course is an exploration of philosophical ethics with attention paid to the philosophical methods of analysis and argumentation used to drive and evaluate moral theories and judgments. Topics may include the nature of moral truth (e.g., absolute truth, relativism, pluralism), prominent moral theories (e.g., virtue ethics, deontology, utilitarianism), important figures from the history of philosophy (e.g., Aristotle, Kant, J.S. Mill), an examination into the nature of virtues and values, principles of right action, and character. Contemporary moral problems will help elucidate each of the theoretical positions.

Sheryl Tuttle Ross           ONLINE

PHL 205 - History of Ancient Philosophy

In this course, students read ancient texts from pre-Socratic thinkers such as Pythagoras, Heraclitus, and Parmenides. Students also read several dialogues of Plato, explore the metaphysics of Aristotle and the stoicism of Epictetus. Students discuss the differences between science and myth, philosophy and religion, opinion and knowledge, and explore questions about the nature of reality, its oneness and plurality, the nature of justice, and the purpose of life.

Daniel Schneider             TuTh 11:00 – 12:25

PHL 300 - Topics in Philosophy: Self, World, Freedom

Study of a philosophical topic of special interest. Topics will vary according to the interests of the instructor. For the current content, consult the instructor or the department chair.

Sam Cocks             MWF  9:55 – 10:50

PHL 310 - Metaphysics

Metaphysics is the science of what it is to "be" something. Topics include: (1) how metaphysics differs from natural science, (2) in what sense is anything general, universal, particular, continuing, an event, a process, a substance, a relation, abstract, subjective, or objective, (3) in what ways possible worlds can differ from this one, (4) what kind of thing could have body and a mind, (5) what the difference between a thing and its parts in an arrangement is, (6) what is required for two seemingly different things to turn out to be the same thing, (7) how space and time differ from each other and other things, and (8) what natural laws and numbers are.

Daniel Schneider        TuTh  2:15 – 3:40

PHL 333 - Philosophy of Mind

The course will focus on important attempts to solve the mind-body problem, how mind and body are related and also will address the related problems of consciousness, intentionality, free will and personal identity.

*Cross-listed with PHL/PSY; may only earn credit in one department.

Sam Cocks     MWF 11:00 – 11:55

PHL 334 - Philosophy of Science

An examination of such topics as the attempt to demarcate science from pseudo-science, the nature of scientific inference, the structure of scientific explanation, scientific reduction and the unity of science, the interplay between theory and observation in science, the realism/anti-realism debate, objectivity of science, and the relationship between science and religion.

Stewart Eskew           MW 2:15 – 3:40

PHL 336 – International Multicultural Philosophy

This survey course examines philosophical ideas and systems that are generated from a wide range of cultural traditions worldwide through the medium of film. The aim of this search is to broaden and deepen our understanding and appreciation of the multiplicity of philosophical perspectives which are part of an increasingly diverse, interconnected, and globalized world.

Sheryl Tuttle Ross     Wed 5:30 – 8:15