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The main instrument is a Spitz A3-P star projector centered in a 24' hemispherical dome.

Planetarium projection instrumentThe Spitz star projector accurately projects about 2300 stars onto the dome, which represents a dark-skies perspective of the naked-eye sky.

In addition, there are individual projectors for the Sun, the Moon, and the five naked-eye planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn).  Sixteen strategically placed Ektagraphic slide projectors provide panoramic horizons.  In addition, there are three fixed dissolver slide screens, a rotating projector, a single axis fly-over projector, a two-axis movable projector, and a two-axis movable zoom projector.

Fifty-five "special effects" projectors display constellation overlays, aurorae, supernovae, pulsars, meteors, warp-speed, and many lighting effects.

A video projector rounds out and enhances the equipment.  There is also a surround-sound audio system, which gives each participant the feeling of "being there" in space.  An East Coast Control System computer automated control system greatly enhances each planetarium program.