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Specialty area(s)

Social Psychology (political psychology, gender)

Current courses at UWL

Social Psychology
Psychology of Women
Psychology and Law


PhD - Social Psychology (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
BA - Psychology (Macalester College)



Grace Deason, Psychology, presented "Of Mothers, Fathers, and Motivation: Parenthood and the Pursuit of Gendered Goals" at The Society for Personality and Social Psychology's Annual Convention on Feb. 29 in New Orleans, LA.

Submitted on: Mar. 10


Ashley Edwards, Communication Studies; Margot Higgins, Environmental Studies; Hongying Xu, Global Cultures & Languages; Grace Deason, Psychology; and Benjamin Golden, Theatre Arts; received a CASSH Small Grant. They have been awarded a CASSH equity gap grant for “Effective Dissemination of the CASSH R&R Committee’s Report." The goal of this project is to disseminate information from the CASSH Recruitment & Retention Committee Report in a way that maximizes its impact on recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff, and students in CASSH. Their grant allows them to pay an undergraduate student artist to create a series of infographics that will convey the information from the report in an interpretable and engaging manner.

Submitted on: Mar. 4


Grace Deason, Psychology, authored the article "The psychology of maternal politics: Priming and framing effects of candidates’ appeals to motherhood" in Politics, Groups, and Identities and was accepted for publication by Taylor & Francis.

Submitted on: Feb. 10


Grace Deason, Psychology, received the award for small research grant at Society for Personality and Social Psychology on Jan. 20 in La Crosse, WI. Grace Deason was awarded a small research grant from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology to fund her project, "Exploring the Libertarian Dynamic: The impact of values frames on civil liberties under conditions of terrorist threat."

Submitted on: Jan. 24


Grace Deason, Psychology, presented "Harnessing the Power of Motherhood: Assessing Clinton's Strategy in 2016" at Prairie Political Science Association on Nov. 25, 2019 in Banff, Alberta.

Submitted on: Nov. 25, 2019