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Marisa Barbknecht

Specialty area(s)

Introductory Microbiology Education

Fish Viruses

Current courses at UWL

MIC 100 Microbes & Society Lecture and Laboratory
MIC 230 Fundamentals of Microbiology Laboratory


B.S. in Microbiology at UW-La Crosse, 2006
M.S. in Biology at UW-La Crosse, 2009

Teaching history

11th Year Teaching at UWL

9th Year Teaching in the UWL Department of Microbiology

Research and publishing

Barbknecht M, Sepsenwol S, Leis E, Tuttle-Lau M, Gaikowski M, Knowles NJ, Lasee B, Hoffman MA. 2014. Characterization of a new picornavirus isolated from the freshwater fish Lepomis macrochirus. J Gen Virol. 95: 601-13.

Mor SK, Phelps NB, Barbknecht M, Hoffman MA, Goyal SM. 2015.
A multiplex RT-PCR assay for the detection of fish picornaviruses.
J Virol Methods. 221:131-4.