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Specialty area(s)

Remote Sensing, Cartography, GIScience

Brief biography

Niti's teaching & research interests lie at the intersection of GIScience, Biogeography and human-environment interactions. He integrates field and remote sensing derived data and utilizes statistical/machine learning techniques for extracting processes from state variables, analyzing land change dynamics and related drivers in natural and human systems at local to regional scales.

Current courses at UWL

Geo/Esc 395 : Environmental Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Geo/Esc 455 : Web Mapping

Geo/Esc 345: Remote Sensing

Geo/Esc 445: Advanced Remote Sensing

Geo/Esc 355: Map Design and Geovisualization

Geo/Esc 250: Maps and GIS


Ph.D. (Geography): University of Texas, 2014
M.S. (GIS): Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 2007

Teaching history

Aug 2015-present: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography & Earth Science, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Jan-May 2014: Instructor, Dept. of Geography & Environment, University of Texas

Professional history

June 2014-May 2015: Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept of Geography & Environment, University of Texas, Austin (UT)

Aug 2008-Dec 2013: Graduate Research Assistant, Dept of Geography & Environment, UT

October 2007-July 2008: Research Associate, Center for Studies in Resources Engineering (CSRE), Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India

October-December 2006: Research Assistant, Regional Resource Center for the Asia Pacific (RRC.AP), United Nations Environment Program(UNEP), Bangkok, Thailand

Research and publishing

N.B. Mishra, K. Mainali, B. Shrestha, J. Radenz, and D. Karki (2018) "Species-level Vegetation Mapping in a Himalayan Treeline Ecotone using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Imagery" in ISPRS International Journal of Geo-information

N. B. Mishra & K. P. Mainali (2017). " Greening and browning of the Himalaya: Spatial patterns and the role of climatic change and human drivers" in Science of the Total Environment

N. B. Mishra, K. P. Mainali & K. A. Crews (2016). " Modeling spatio-temporal variability in fires in semi-arid savannas: A satellite based assessment around Africa's largest protected area" in International Journal of Wildland Fire

G. Chaudhuri & N. B. Mishra (2016). "Spatio-temporal dynamics of land cover and land surface temperature in Ganges-Brahmaputra delta: A comparative analysis between India and Bangladesh" in Applied Geography

N. B. Mishra, K. A. Crews, N. Neeti, T. Meyer & K. R. Young. (2015)."MODIS derived vegetation greenness trends in African savanna: Deconstructing and localizing the role of changing moisture availability, fire regime and anthropogenic impact" in Remote Sensing of Environment

N. B. Mishra & G. Chaudhuri. (2015)."Spatio-temporal analysis of trends in seasonal vegetation productivity across Uttarakhand, Indian Himalayas, 2000-2014" in Applied Geography

N. B. Mishra, K. A. Crews, J.A. Miller & T. Meyer. (2015)."Mapping vegetation morphology types in southern Africa savanna using MODIS time-series metrics: A case study of central Kalahari, Botswana" in Land

N. B. Mishra, K. A. Crews & G.S. Okin. (2014)." Relating spatial pattern of fractional land cover to savanna vegetation morphology using multi-scale remote sensing" in International Journal of Remote Sensing

N. B. Mishra & K. A. Crews. (2014)."Estimating fractional land cover in semi-arid central Kalahari: the impact of mapping method (spectral unmixing versus object-based image analysis) and vegetation morphology" in Geocarto International

N. B. Mishra (2014). "Wetland: Remote Sensing" in Encyclopedia of Natural Resources, Taylor & Francis

N. B. Mishra & K. R. Young (2014). "Savanna and Grassland" in Encyclopedia of Natural Resources, Taylor & Francis

N. B. Mishra, K. A. Crews & A. L. Neuenschwander (2012)." Sensitivity of EVI based harmonic regression to temporal resolution in the lower Okavango Delta" in International Journal of Remote Sensing