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International Macroeconomics and Finance, Applied Macro-econometrics, Monetary Economics

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Current courses at UWL

Principles of Macroeconomics


West Virginia University, PhD (2012)

Teaching history

Principles of Macroeconomics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Money and Banking

Research and publishing

  1. Teimouri , S. (with Joachim Zietz), 2020. Copying with deindustrialization: A panel study for early OECD countries, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Volume 54, 26-41.
  2. Teimouri , S. (with Joachim Zietz), 2018. Growth and Employment Effects of Surges in Net Capital Inflows,  Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 88, 158-170.
  3. Teimouri , S. (with Joachim Zietz), 2017. Economic Costs of Alternative Monetary Policy Responses During Speculative Currency Attacks, Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 73 (B),419–434. 
  4. Teimouri,S. (with Nabamita Dutta), 2016. Dynamic of Investment and Bank Credit after Banking Crises, Journal of Financial Stability, Volume 26, 306-327.
  5. Teimouri, S., 2015. Currency Crises and Dynamics of Real Wages. Review of World Economics, Volume 151(2), 377-403. 

  6. Teimouri, S. (with T.J.Brooks), 2015.  Output Recovery after a Currency Crisis. Comparative Economic Studies, Volume 57, 75-102.
  7. Teimouri, S. ( with Arabinda Basistha), 2014. Currency Crises and Output Dynamics. Open Economies Review, Volume 26(1), 139-153.