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WHERE AND WHEN DO WE MEET?UWL Students for Sustainability logo

We meet Thursdays at 6 pm. The location is usually fixed for the academic year and can be identified by sending an email to  or checking out our MyOrgs page!


A group of passionate students who strive for a sustainable world. Students from across campus with a shared love for the outdoors, and a desire to promote a "greener" campus. We organize events to educate the student body on a broad range of environmental issues and how we can make a difference.  We also have fun outings (hiking, trash pick-ups, camping and more) to keep close connections with the our members and community. 

Current Chairs: Erika Holen, Josephine Fisher, Blythe Pollard


  • Working to promote positive environmental changes on campus 
  • Leading the Residence Hall Sustainability Officers 
  • Green is Sexy Calendars 
  • Promoting and helping students utilize the Green Fund 
  • Hosting hikes, trash pick-ups and camping trips 
  • Educating members and the community on sustainability related matters 
  • Hosting Earth Week in spring 

Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability (JCES)

About the Committee:

The Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability (JCES) origins date back to 2008.  At that time Chancellor Gow signed the Talloires Declaration based on recommendations from Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Council, and Student Senate.  The Declaration includes 10 action steps with action 10 reading:  "Establish a Secretariat and a steering committee to continue this momentum, and to inform and support each other's efforts in carrying out this declaration". 

The JCES is made up of students, staff, and faculty from across campus working to advance sustainability across campus.  In addition, an ongoing responsibility of JCES is to assist in oversight and review of the Green Fund application process.