Visiting Students

Visiting students (also called special non-degree students) are students who attend winter session but do not plan to complete a degree at UW-La Crosse. Visiting students are undergraduate or graduate student completing courses at UW-La Crosse to transfer back to another institution. There are no admission requirements for visiting students but, you do need to complete a special non-degree application for winter session. Visiting students are not required to submit transcripts or pay an application fee.

Transferring the courses back to your home institution 

UW-La Crosse is fully accredited and credits are transferable to other academic institutions of higher education. For information on how UW-La Crosse credits transfer within the UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System, refer to the Transferology website. To complete the transfer process, you will need to request an official transcript be sent to your home institution. Request it at the Transcript Office, 117 Graff Main Hall 608.785.8951.

Applying to winter session and registering for classes once the registration period has started

Step 1. Visiting students need to complete the University of Wisconsin - Online Admission Application. Select "nondegree/special" when applying.

Step 2. When you are accepted for Winter Session, you will be issued a nine-digit ID number which will serve as your Username to log into WINGS Student Center. You will also receive a password required by WINGS sign in page.

Step 3. Once in the WINGS site, you may register for courses, view your schedule and view your tuition bill.