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One of the great strengths of our program is that our undergraduate majors have the opportunity to conduct their own, independent research, an opportunity that is rare on other campuses. In fact, they are required to do so! All of our seniors must complete a capstone thesis in their final semesters at UWL, which gives them the opportunity to practice the entire research process. Many receive funding for this research from the undergraduate research grants here at UWL. 

Often this research stems from discoveries at field school or from an interest that is stimulated by a class discussion or project. Frequently, students begin this research during the summer between their Junior and Senior years. Much research done by archaeology students is conducted through the auspices of the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center, or is done on aspects of ongoing faculty research. 

Please contact any of our faculty to ask questions about research opportunities for our majors or minors at UWL!

Student projects and theses

Past Senior Theses have explored a wide range of topics and cover regions from around the globe. A selection of past theses are available for download in pdf format.

Some of our students have also created websites for their research projects. 

Our students are also active in presenting their research to a variety of audiences. For example, Thatcher Rogers ('15) won the inaugural Undergraduate Paper Award from the Society for American Archaeology (SAA), and was invited to present his honors thesis research at their annual meeting (Campus Connection, April 15, 2015). In 2017, thirteen of our students presented their research at the UW-L Celebration of Research and Creativity. See the photos on the Archaeology News page.