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Frequently asked questions

Questions about my faculty advisor

Q: How do I know who my faculty advisor is?

A: You can check to see who you've been assigned as your faculty advisor through WINGS. Alternatively, you can stop by the department and ask the program assistant. 

Q: When am I supposed to meet with my faculty advisor?

A: As an archaeology major, you are required to meet with your faculty advisor before you register for courses each semester. About a week prior to registration, you will be invited to the Department of Archaeology & Anthropology Advising Night where all faculty and students in the program get together to discuss issues related to registration. Faculty will discuss which courses they will be teaching, we will go over important information related to registration, and we will answer questions that students may have. Subsequently, you will set up an appointment with your advisor to go over your academic progress and your plan for the subsequent semester. Although you have access to your Academic Requirements (AR) report through WINGS, you should still see your advisor each semester to make sure you meet prerequisites and take courses in the proper sequence.

Questions about courses in Archaeology

Q: How do I know when courses will be offered?

A: To help you plan out your course load, we provide a tentative course list. This was updated April 5, 2024, and extends to 2029; subject to change.  



Questions about transferring courses to UW-La Crosse

Q: If I'm transferring from another university with some general education courses, will these satisfy some of my general education requirements at UW-La Crosse?

A: You should make an appointment with the department chair and bring a copy of the syllabus from the other university. If the course is similar to the one taught at UWL, the general education course from another university can usually be transferred. You can also check out the Transfer Wisconsin website to get a good idea of how courses will transfer. 

Q: If I'm transferring with an archaeology or anthropology course from another university, will this course satisfy the Department requirement at UW-La Crosse?

A: You should make an appointment with the department chair and bring a copy of the syllabus from the other university. If the course is similar to the one taught in the department at UWL, the course from another university can usually be transferred as the equivalent ARC or ANT course.

Questions about declaring a major in Archaeology

Q: How do I go about declaring a major in Archaeology? 

A: In order to declare an archaeology major, you must complete a major declaration form in the College of Liberal Studies Office. Students declaring archaeology as a major should take ARC 100 (3 cr.) and ARC 196 (1 cr.) as soon as possible, since they pre-requisites for some of the other archaeology major requirements. Once you have declared, you will also be able to register for some classes that are restricted to majors only.

Questions about minors in Archaeology and Anthropology

Q: How do I declare a minor in Anthropology or Archaeology

A: In order to declare a minor in these programs, you need to go to College of Liberal Studies Office and complete a "change of program" form. There are no minimum requirements for declaring a minor in these programs. See the following links for more information on declaring a minor in anthropology or archaeology.

Questions about registration/overrides for classes

Q: What if the class I want is filled? Can I get an override?

A: If there is a wait list in WINGS for the class, follow the instructions in WINGS to add your name to the wait list. Each instructor in the department handles overrides differently. Some instructors keep waiting lists, others give preference to majors and/or seniors, while others ask you to come the first day of class. Your best bet is to contact the instructor of the course directly to determine the appropriate method for obtaining an override.

Q: How do I register for classes that require permission?

A: Some courses, such as ARC 402 and ARC 489/499 require instructor consent and you cannot register for those courses online. If you are interested in a course that requires permission, you can pick up forms and instructions in the department office or talk to a faculty member about the process.

Questions about internships

Q: What kinds of internships are available in Archaeology or Anthropology?

Internship opportunities

Q: Can I earn department credits while doing an internship?

A: Yes! All internship courses in the department are pass/fail grading. ARC 450 and ANT 450 are repeatable for up to 15 credits, but only 6 count toward an archaeology major and 3 toward an anthropology or archaeology minor.

Q: How do I register for an Internship in Archaeology or Anthropology?

A: Students who are interested in taking an internship are encouraged to discuss internship possibilities with their instructors, advisors, and seek out opportunities through the Office of Career Services.

Questions about career options
Questions about graduate school

Need help or information?

You can reach the Department's Program Assistant Shirley von Ruden or the Department Chair Tim McAndrews by phone at 608.785.6774. If you are on campus, feel free to stop by the department in 435 Carl Wimberly Hall.

If you already have declared a major in Archaeology, you have an advisor. If you don't know who your advisor is you can find out by checking WINGS, reading the advisor list posted on the bulletin board outside of the department office in 435 Carl Wimberly Hall, or by calling the department at 608.785.8457.

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