Graduation checklist

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Apply for Graduation

Graduate and undergraduate students must Apply for Graduation  immediately after you register for your final semester at UW-La Crosse:

  • December and winter intersession graduates must file by May 1
  • May and summer graduates must file by December 1

The Application for Graduation  can be found on your Student Center in WINGS. Click the Group Box drop down arrow found under the Academics section of your Student Center. Click Apply for Graduation and hit the double arrow icon (this will take you to the My Academic's page). Click on your Academic Program link. Select the Expected Graduation Term and hit Continue. Read the Graduation Instructions and Continue. Verify that all of the information is correct. If so, click on Submit Application. If not, click the Select Different Program and make the necessary adjustments.  

Students wishing to apply for an Associate Degree or who are in a Certificate program need to fill out a form in the Records & Registration Office, 117 Graff Main Hall.

Your Dean's office verifies to the university whether or not you have met all the requirements for your degree. You are expected to meet with that office, before your final semester begins, to confirm you will meet all degree requirements. If you have not already had this meeting, immediately contact your Dean's Office to arrange an appointment with appropriate personnel for this review.

You should also review your Advisement Report (AR) after you have finished registering for your final semester, and raise any concerns or questions with your Dean's Office.

One month prior to the ceremony, commencement day instructions will be emailed to all students who have applied to graduate.

You are automatically charged a $38 graduation fee once you reach 95 credits (undergraduates) or 20 credits (graduates). This is a one-time fee and applies whether or not you choose to attend the commencement ceremony.

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Confirm your eligibility

If you haven't already done so, you should immediately make an appointment for a credit check with your Dean's Office. Your Dean's Office will verify that you are completing all requirements for your degree.
Dean's offices:

  • College of Liberal Studies, 260 Morris Hall: A credit check will automatically be completed after you apply to graduate. You will be notified if any degree requirements are not satisfied.
  • School of Education: A credit check will automatically be completed the term prior to your student teaching.
  • College of Science and Health: 105 Graff Main Hall
  • College of Business Administration: A credit check will automatically be completed after you apply to graduate. You will be notified by email if degree requirements are not satisfied.


Apply for graduation

Graduate and undergraduate students must declare their intent to graduate in WINGS immediately after you register for your final semester at UW-La Crosse - Apply for Graduation.


Commencement program

To ensure that your name appears in the UW-La Crosse commencement program for the semester in which you graduate, your application must be received in the Registrar’s Office by the following dates:

  • Winter commencement program deadline: November 1
  • Spring commencement program deadline: April 1
  • Summer commencement deadline: see below
If you are a summer graduate and wish to have your name included in the spring commencement program, follow the deadline date for spring commencement. If you wish to have your name included in the winter commencement program, follow the deadline date for winter commencement. For winter commencement, you will need to contact your Dean's office for approval.


Order apparel: cap, gown, hood, honor cords and more


Order announcements/invitations


Pre-order flowers & class t-shirts online


Attend 'Countdown to Commencement'

The one-stop-shop for seniors’ graduation needs, Countdown to Commencement at the University Bookstore in the Student Union.

  • Spring 2018: Friday, March 9
  • Winter 2018: Friday, October 26
Graduating seniors can stop by any time between 11 a.m.–3 p.m. to order graduation announcements; receive cap and gown and commencement day information; job search information from Career Services; and join the Alumni Association.

 For more information call the University Bookstore at 608.785.8855.


Attend commencement