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When will I receive my diploma/transcripts?

Your degree and diploma will not be awarded at the commencement ceremony. Degrees are posted on your permanent record after your college/school completes an audit of your academic record and notifies the Records and Registration Office that you have completed all requirements. This process may take up to eight weeks after grades are due in the Records Office. Your diploma will be mailed to your “home” address listed in WINGS. Questions regarding your address should be directed to Records and Registration, 117 Graff Main Hall, 608.785.8951.

PLEASE NOTE: Your diploma and transcripts will be withheld if you owe the University money or if your records are encumbered by any official office on campus. Please be certain before you leave campus that the University Library, Textbook Rental Service, Health Center, Cashier's Office, Parking, etc., have cleared your records.

Academic Services Directors have 30 days from the end of the semester to get degrees earned posted. Please be aware of the time-frame when ordering transcripts shortly after graduation.