Commencement day instructions

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Schedule of events and what to expect the day of graduation

Candidates receiving a bachelor's degree

Report to North Hall in the La Crosse Center 45 minutes prior to the ceremony. Signs will direct you where to go.

Candidates receiving a master's or doctoral degree

Students should arrive at the La Crosse Center, North Hall 45 minutes prior to the ceremony to receive specific instruction or directly after participating in the Graduate Studies Hooding Ceremony.

Lining up:

When you arrive at the La Crosse Center, please pick up your name card (you will carry this with you into the ceremony) and verify the information is correct. If you have had trouble with individual's mispronouncing your name, see the Name Reader located in the Line-up Area.

After you have your name card, proceed to the line-up area–you will be lined up in alphabetical order by last name.

About 10 minutes before the ceremony, student marshals will lead you to the La Crosse Center Main Arena area.

Walking the stage:

You will be seated for the majority of the ceremony. At the appropriate time in the ceremony proceedings, typically after the speaker addresses, you will be asked to stand. The chancellor will make a conferral statement. You will then be seated again. 

Calling your name

You and your fellow graduates will be released by row to take the stage and receive your diploma cover.

Diploma cover, handshake, photo

  • You will receive your diploma cover on stage. A photographer will take a picture of you and Chancellor Gow. Pictures will also be taken before and after you walk across the stage. 
  • After receiving your diploma cover, please return to your seat.
  • Once the Recessional begins, student marshals will lead you out of the Main Arena area.