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Educational Studies

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Advance in teaching and learning with the Department of Educational Studies and prepare yourself to be a leader in our global society.

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Undergraduate programs

Teacher Education Programs

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Students must apply for admission to any teacher education program. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and individual programs have specific criteria that must be met for admission. The process of applying to a teacher education program is described on the UWL School of Education webpage. Students are also required to disclose past criminal offenses and complete a criminal background check.

Areas of study

Elementary/Middle Education (grades K-9)

Undergrad major Teacher license View a sample plan for Elementary/Middle Education (grades K-9) Catalogfor Elementary/Middle Education (grades K-9)

Middle/High School Education (grades 4-12)

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Grades K-12 Education

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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Featured courses

  • Teaching Global Perspectives Across the Curriculum
    EDS 309 | 3 credits
    Through a social justice-oriented examination of the cultural, economic, political, and social layers of globalization and global interconnectedness, students will develop reflective stances about global perspectives and understandings. This course prepares students as 21st century globally responsive citizens and educators through an exploration of global issues and how these issues are addressed in K-12 classrooms. Additionally, students will develop their pedagogical practice through analysis and creation of materials and instructional strategies necessary for effective implementation of global education throughout K-12 educational systems. Prerequisite: EDS 203; EDS 206. Offered Fall, Spring, Summer.
  • Foundations of Special Education
    SPE 200 | 3 credits
    This course will introduce teacher education majors to special education practices from historical, legislative, and people-centered recommended practices. General education and special education teachers have a shared responsibility to meet the needs of all students in learning environments that address individual needs and strengths. Teacher candidates will gain foundational understanding of exceptionalities from people, concepts, and historical perspective; policies, practices, and programs in special education; characteristics, prevalence, and supports and services for individuals with exceptionalities (as defined in current federal regulations); collaborative roles of general and special educators; and partnerships with families. Prerequisite: EDS 206 or EDS 308 or concurrent enrollment; sophomore status. Students cannot earn credit in both SPE 401 and SPE 200. Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy: Elementary/Middle Education
    EDS 311 | 3 credits
    The course is designed to consider the nature of a teaching profession, the use of standards in a profession, and responsibilities of PK-12 educators. The role of schools in society will be examined along with the history and politics of school curriculum. Possible levels of curriculum use in schools from knowledge reproduction to curriculum integration will be discussed. Culturally responsive teaching and conflict resolution will be emphasized. Prerequisite: EDS 203, EDS 206; declared education major. Offered Fall, Spring.

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