School of Education, Professional & Continuing Education

Who we are

The School of Education, Professional, and Continuing Education (EPC) has a comprehensive and dynamic structure, where 23 programs across all colleges and schools at the university work collaboratively to support best practices in teaching, learning, and leading. The major units within EPC include; Department of Educational Studies, Professional Studies in Education, Continuing Education and Extension.

Featured opportunity

The Milwaukee Urban Experience is a summer field session designed to provide education students with hands-on teaching and learning opportunities in Milwaukee area schools while earning credit toward their degree. 


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A day in the life of an SOE student

Our Bloggers

Each semester, a few of our teacher candidates share their insights into the classroom both as a student and a future teacher. Follow along with their stories and get a glimpse of what it's like to be a School of Education student.

Audrey Presser

Audrey Presser

Elementary/Middle School Education (MCEA) Special Education Minor
Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth Greene

Elementary/Middle School Education (MCEA), TESOL minor
Elyse Bley

Elyse Bley

Early Childhood/Elementary Education (ECMC), Spanish Minor
Jesse Gilbertson

Jesse Gilbertson

Social Studies/History Education

Hear from our alumni

Elizabeth Gulden, '05

Elementary/Middle School Education

"The early childhood program at UW-La Crosse is absolutely second to none!"

Learn more about Elizabeth Gulden, '05 

Sarah Compton , '11

Professional Studies in Education

"One thing that still resonates with me is how to incorporate student choice, which improves behavior, motivation and retention."

Learn more about Sarah Compton , '11 

Trent Rasmussen, '19

Educational Leadership Certificate (5051 licensure) and Director of Instruction (5010 licensure)

"You can see in students' faces when they are excited about learning something new or you affirmed who they are or what they just did. Who knows what those things will mean to them later on — that’s what is really exciting."

Learn more about Trent Rasmussen, '19