Undergraduate Teacher Education (Initial License) Programs

Please see the Graduate and Add-on program information page for graduate admission/completion info.

All students must be admitted to the School of Education and their Teacher Education program in order to enroll in professional education courses. Meeting the eligibility criteria* does not guarantee admission into the Teacher Education Programs. Limited availability of resources impacts the number of students admitted. For more information, please refer to specific admission requirements for each program (see below).

* The WI Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requires that candidates for admission to a teacher education, administration, or pupil services program successfully pass a criminal background check (CBC) as one criterion for admission. By applying for admission to one of these programs, candidates agree to provide the necessary personal information to UWL in order to initiate their CBC, and to complete their portion of the process prior to the deadline specified in their admission letter.  Teacher candidates are responsible for all costs associated with their criminal background check(s). 

Teacher candidates who are admitted to the School of Education are required to have an iPad that meets SOE specifications. As part of the admissions process, students are provided information on how to purchase the appropriate iPad through the SOE iPad order survey.  Teacher candidates who purchase their own device outside of the SOE process and without pre-approval do so at their own risk. All teacher candidates are required to have the specific iPad version that is approved by SOE as a condition of admission.

Benchmark Assessments (testing) requirements

Program completion requirements

Admission Guidelines and Electronic Application* Links

* Spring 2021 applications open February 1, 2021, and close at 4:00 pm on February 19, 2021

Department of Educational Studies (DES):

EC-MC Admission information Apply to EC-MC
MC-EA (including SPE minors) Admission information Apply to MC-EA
EC-A (Music, World Languages) Admission information Apply to EC-A
K-12 Art Education Admission information Apply to Art Ed

Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP)

STEP programs Admission information

Phase I application

Phase II application

Physical, Adapted and School Health Education Education (PASHE):

PASHE Admission information

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